Pokemon 591 • The Amoonguss Meme Explained • 2023

Who is Pokemon 591?

Pokemon number 591’s name is Amoonguss. This detailed Pokemon 591 fung-guide will explain exactly why Pokemon #591 is the most suspicious Pokemon of them all.

pokemon 591 amoonguss
Pokemon 591 • Amoonguss

Pokemon Number 591 is Amoonguss

So how did Amoonguss’ popularity mushroom into supernova status? It sprouted and grew quickly as a trending topic with a run of viral Amoonguss memes – inviting the reader to play Detective Pikachu, Google Pokemon #591, and explore the story behind the Pokemon 591 meme.

Why is Pokemon 591 a Meme?

Pokemon 590 is Foongus; its evolved form, Pokemon 591, is Amoonguss. Together the couple Foongus and Amoonguss are quite the spore-ting pair indeed. The toadstool’s names draw inspiration from the mnemonic schoolhouse rhyme, “There’s a Fungus Among Us.” Watch your step! These two fruiting fungi need as mushroom to grow as possible and are known for stalk-ing their prey.

pokemon 591 worst mistake of my life meme

Pokemon #591 • The Amoonguss Meme

For the newly initiated, the Amoonguss meme adventure begins with a call to Google Pokemon 591. Feeding a steady stream of searches for the meaning of the Amoonguss meme.

search up the name of the 591st pokemon

After reaching the next level of the Amoonguss meme journey, readers discover the exciting new and evolving world of Pokemon • Among Us crossover content.

What is Pokemon #591’s History?

Pokemon 591 debuted in Pokemon black and white in September 2010. Ten years later, Pokemon 591’s popularity exploded with a Reddit user posting a photo of Amoonguss with the caption, “There is 1 ditto amoonguss.”

A few of the most popular memes play on the Among Us title screen, “Crewmate, there is 1 Imposter Amoonguss,” with as many spinoffs as Spinda.

Why is Pokemon #591 Looking ‘Sus’?

Sus is a slang term for the word suspicious. Urban Dictionary defines the word sus as:

Sus: adjective “Giving the impression that something is questionable or dishonest. This word became the catchphrase in the online multiplayer game Among Us.”

Urban Dictionary
when your friend says he splaying pokemon and you know who's pokemon 591

Crewmates and Imposters in Among Us

The Among Us game is set on a spaceship. Players are randomly assigned a character role of either a Crewmate or an Imposter. Because Crewmates and Imposters have opposing mission objectives, shenanigans, and betrayal quickly ensue.

among us crewmat imposter bean shaped astronaut character meme
Among Us Crewmate • Imposter

Crewmates can label fellow crewmates as sus if they suspect they are an Imposter. Crewmates can win by completing all their tasks or voting all the imposters off the ship in team meetings.

pokemon number 591 amoongus among us meme
Amoonguss • Among Us Crossover Meme

Imposters can win the game by sabotaging the rest of the Crewmates’ tasks and killing Crewmates without being seen. Once Imposters reach a majority, they can no longer be voted off the ship.

YouTube Amoonguss Memes

YouTube • MandJayTV • Among Us Pokemon Meme Review

Among Us Pokemon Meme Review: This episode of “At some point in the past, I asked you” (ASPITPIAY), aka Pokemon Meme Review, features many Among Us memes on MandJayTV.

These are, of course, only a few of the internet’s thousands of Amoonguss memes. Since the Among Us game’s 2018 release, the waves of Amoonguss memes have ebbed, flowed, and continuously evolved. The massive surges of interest have infused lasting power into Amoonguss’ reputation. Beckoning the question: what will spur the next wave of the Amoonguss meme trend, and what exciting new forms will evolve, like the viral Shmoonguss Netflix category meme?

pokemon 591 google trends data
Pokemon 591 on Google Trends 1/1/2020 – 1/1/2023

Where Does the Saying “A Fungus Among Us” Come From?

The phrase, A Fungus Among Us, is a meme-morel-able part of grade school and an inspiration for both the Pokemon and the Among Us video game. It has a catchy rhyme and is often used to teach children about the mushroom kingdom, in addition to jokes like, “Why did the fungi leave the party? Because there wasn’t mushroom for him.” A top-shelf science teacher joke.

A Fungus Among Us is referenced in several songs. The title of these songs probably came from the wordplay of the phrase, which has been around for centuries. In 1958, Terry Noland wrote, “There Was a Fungus Among Us.” Since then, the phrase has been a traditional sound bite of popular culture.

Of course, Pokemon isn’t the only television show to adopt the title. Spongebob Squarepants, Darkwing Duck, Groundling Marsh, and Milo Murphy’s Law all have episodes titled “Fungus Amongus.” No wonder the viral video game chose the name Among Us, which sparked the many Amoonguss memes we all know and love.

The Amoonguss Meme

While a simple Google search reveals that Pokemon 591’s name is Amoonguss, the mashup of two fan-favorite franchises has broken new ground teeming with memes that fans of both titles can enjoy. So, the next time you play a Pokemon or Among Us game, you can rest easy knowing that this super-spirited mushroom’s life is all good. And if you don’t know, now you know.

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Pokemon Showdown: Pokemon Battle Simulator Guide



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Pokemon Showdown

Official competitive Pokemon leaves a lot to be desired. Breeding Pokemon to get the perfect IVs, fighting the same kind of Pokemon for several hours to build up the right EVs, plus ensuring your Pokemon has the proper nature. Getting a competitive Pokemon team takes hours of hard work in-game, which turns off a lot of players.

Recent generations have tried to streamline this process by introducing several new mechanics like the Reset Girl and Nature Mints so you can train faster, but it’s still far from ideal. It takes a lot of work just to get a whole team. Forget the learning and experimentation that comes with entering the competitive Pokemon scene.

However, there’s an easier way to jump into competitive Pokemon and learn the sport. Pokemon Showdown is a competitive Pokemon Battle Simulator where fans can build teams and jump into battle.

What is Pokemon Showdown?

Created by Zarel in October 2011, Pokemon Showdown is an open-source online battle simulator with a thriving community behind it. It’s used by thousands of Pokemon fans worldwide, and 2,000 battles are going on at any time, so you can jump on, choose your tier and format, and get battling.

Its open-source code is entirely transparent, so you can understand the simulator and how it works. Its online components mimic the Wifi battles of yesteryear but with far more versatility and customization options than the original Wifi, the battle function could ever dream of.

Pokemon Showdown is run by Smogon, a website and community specializing in the art of competitive Pokemon battling. It has everything you need to get started, plus a community you can engage with to deepen your knowledge. They have strategy guides, tier lists, and even a Battling 101 program where Smogon can pair you with a tutor to learn the basics of competitive Pokemon battling.

Instant Battles: Skip straight to the good stuff

In cartridge games, you have to go through the process of building your team. And that level 73 Charizard you used for the Elite Four isn’t going to cut it. You need level 100, perfect IV, effort-trained Pokemon before considering starting competitive battling.

Unless you want competitive Pokemon to be your full-time job or hobby, you just won’t have the time. However, Pokemon Showdown lets you customize your Pokemon yourself. No riding a bike for hours on end, no destroying local ecosystems by wiping out hundreds of the same species, and no spending millions on nutritional drinks. You just create the Pokemon, customize their stats and abilities, then battle.

Pokemon Showdown is about battling, learning, and experimentation, not team building and grinding for days. You can choose from a preset team or select the Random Battle format and jump straight into the action. You don’t even have to do this if you don’t want to.

If you want to save your rank and teams, you’ll have to create an account, but Pokemon Showdown is free and always will be. Like any sport, your overall win record is far more critical than individual wins, so rising through the ranks over time is more important than any individual win.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSS_VbhioAU Watch on YouTube

Pokemon competitive battling guide

Most games have a lower difficulty level than the competitive Pokemon scene. Your starter Pokemon will not be feasible in competitive battles, even if it can easily take down the Elite Four.

In the games, you don’t need a strategy, level 100 Pokemon with type coverage for every type and fully maxed EVs and IVs, but you do in competitive battling. A guy who swims as a hobby isn’t going to compete with a professional swimmer in the Olympics.

Ultimately, competitive Pokemon battling is much more complicated than battling in the games. You need to breed and train the perfect stats onto your Pokemon, which can be time-consuming. It’s become easier in recent games to make competitive battling more accessible, but it still takes effort.

IVs are stats a Pokemon is born with, and they can have 31 in each category, Special Attack, Attack, Speed, Defense, Special Defence, and HP. The best way to get these stats is through breeding to obtain Pokemon with perfect IVs.

In recent generations, you can use bottle caps to raise the IVs of Pokemon, making it possible to use the Pokemon you love in competitive play.

EVs are stats earned through battling. A Pokemon can earn 510 EVs, with 255 in a stat. Each Pokemon has an EV it gives when defeated, but you can buy EV boosters in-game to get the stats you want. In the most recent generation, you can wipe EVs away to get the EVs you want on a Pokemon.

Four EVs are equal to one stat point, so you only need 508 EVs with 252 in a category to max the EVs for one stat. Most competitive players concentrate the EVs on two stat categories, usually speed and the stat most important for the role of that Pokemon.

A Community-based battling simulator

One of the best aspects of Pokemon Showdown is its surrounding community. It’s a welcoming, knowledgeable community that loves introducing new players to the sport. You can find people to help build teams, battle, or even trade within the official games.

The community is dedicated to all aspects of competitive Pokemon battling, from breeding mechanics, which only come into play in the game, to damage calculators, built into the battling simulator, and most importantly, move sets and strategies crown champions.

With beginner threads, FAQs, and starter guides, you can get a great foundation and build from there. If you’re experienced, you can learn about the meta as new trends and Pokemon come onto the scene and keep your battle skills sharp.

Official Pokemon tournaments can be few and far between, but Smogon and Pokemon Showdown regularly host tournaments to satisfy even the most competitive players in several different formats.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWjYr8HjdXM Watch on YouTube

45 Pokemon Showdown Formats

Little Cup is a popular format showcasing the base form of Pokemon under level 5. It dramatically changes how you battle and the Pokemon you can battle with, and you won’t find it in any official setting.

Suppose you want to play the official tournament format of Double Battle with the usual Pokemon and Item restrictions. You certainly can. Or you can pick a format that changes the game. Ubers features mighty Pokemon you can’t usually use in tournament settings, or you can take it a step further with Anything Goes.

Anything Goes just that. You can choose any Pokemon, any Items, anything goes. It still has some rules against endless battles and sleep conditions, but other than those, you can design your team however you’d like.

Mega-Rayquaza with Dragon Descent? You can have six plus Assault Vests. But if you want more structure, you can pick the format that best suits you and start playing. Each format has its meta, so you can keep learning and master each format as you play.

Common Rules for all formats

Keeping things interesting is the heart of competitive Pokemon, so anyone can create an innovative team and win. All formats have some standard rules to keep things balanced and moving along. These rules are meant to keep things fair and balanced between players and Pokemon so no one battle strategy dominates over others.

Banned Pokemon

Each tier and format has banned Pokemon. It depends on what tier you’re in and the rule sets in place, but general Pokemon in tiers above the one you are playing in are banned for being too powerful to play in that tier.

If you pick from the lower tiers, you’ll have fewer Pokemon to choose from, so you’ll have to get creative. Meanwhile, in higher tiers, you’ll have access to the Pokemon in that tier and those below in lower tiers. Thus, you have more variety and the option of using Pokemon from lower tiers to spice up your strategy.

Most legendaries and several mythical Pokemon with high stats are banned from every tier, but Ubers and some are even prohibited there. The only format that permits all Pokemon is Anything Goes, but that comes at the cost of most teams comprising the same all-powerful Pokemon with little variety.

Banned Moves

Different tiers have different banned moves. For example, the move Swagger is prohibited throughout the tiers as it has more to do with luck than skill and can take down any Pokemon with the right conditions and a little luck.

The Little Cup has banned the moves Dragon Rage and Sonic Boom, as they each do a set amount of damage that is detrimental to the format. Essentially, each format has banned moves that are detrimental to the meta for that format.

Endless Battle

A battle that goes on forever may not seem feasible, but it’s possible in Pokemon. That’s why moves like Recycle and items like Leppa berries are banned on principle across the board.

Stall tactics like Leech Seed are vital to all formats, but there’s a marked difference between stalling and wasting everyone’s time. Any items or moves that can theoretically lead to an endless battle are banned from all formats.

OHKO (One-hit KO)

Some moves have incredibly low PP and accuracy. However, they make up for it by killing the opponent in one shot, regardless of stat boosts and HP. Naturally, these moves are incredibly broken, especially when paired with moves that guarantee success, like Lock-On.

Moves like Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, and Sheer Cold are all banned from all formats for the sake of the meta and the incredible frustration that comes with having your wall go down in one hit.

We’ll most likely never see any of these moves in any kind of competitive play, both now and in the future, so you’ll have to get your fill of them in-game.

Moody Clause

Moody is an ability that randomly raises or lowers a single stat other than evasion each turn. It mainly relies on luck and random chance than skill, meaning it has no place in competitive play.

While Moody can be fun to use, you should keep it to the mainline games, as it can be incredibly broken in competitive environments, so it’s banned across the board.

If you want to use Smeargle, pick a different ability, or save it for Anything Goes.

Sleep Clause

Nothing is more annoying than an opponent that spams Hypnosis and lands everyone, which is why Sleep Clause is used across most formats and tiers.

Under the Sleep Clause, putting more than one Pokemon to sleep on a team is illegal. So if you put one of your opponent’s Pokemon to sleep, you can’t put another to sleep until that one wakes up.

The exception to this rule is Pokemon that know Rest. If a Pokemon goes to sleep using Rest while another is asleep, it won’t activate the Sleep Clause. So don’t be afraid to build a team where Rest and Sleep Talk is essential parts of your strategy. 

What this does mean is that you can’t build a team around taking advantage of putting your opponents to sleep with moves like Hypnosis and Nightmare. Sleep stats aren’t a sustainable strategy, as it plays quite well with luck.

Species Clause

Most formats forbid you from having two of the same Pokemon on the same team. A generally accepted rule keeps teams and strategies varied, but some exceptions exist.

For example, suppose the two Pokemon have different genders, giving them various forms and move sets. In that case, they are considered two different Pokemon, allowing you to bring at least two of the same Pokemon onto a team.

Nidoran is an excellent example of a species with different forms, moves, and abilities, like the newer Pokemon Indeedee. However, this rule keeps you from putting multiples of the same Pokemon into play, such as multiple Charizards capable of sweeping teams.

Another rule similar to this played in some formats is Items Clause. This rule is less widespread than Species Clause but is used in the official competitive Pokemon ruleset. Similar to Species Clause, it prevents you from playing multiples of the same items.

Pokemon tiers: Competitive to comical

The tiers are different categories for Pokemon based on how much use they see in competitive play. For example, the OU category is the most popular and typically used as the standard for competitive play.

The OU tier consists of Pokemon used in a certain percentage of battles, the usage depending on the Pokemon, but typically seen in ten percent or more of all competitive battles. The tier under that consists of Pokemon that fall below a certain percentage and is not used as much. And so on through the tiers.

In addition, some tiers have additional rules set for the Pokemon you can use, like Little Cup and PU tiers. Little Cup, you can only use the base form and level 5 Pokemon, and PU consists of the worst Pokemon you can use competitively.

You can play multiple different formats within the tiers, as the tiers are only meant to restrict the Pokemon, move sets, and abilities you are capable of using. Moreover, while OU is the standard, playing other tiers can help you understand competitive Pokemon on a deeper level and show you exciting uses for Pokemon you would usually never use.

Rankings are considered in each category, not overall, so you don’t need to worry about that fun run in the Little Cup affecting your rank in the Doubles OU category. So don’t be afraid to try a different tier in another format to learn more about competitive battling in that tier or just to have some fun.


Ubers consists of the best Pokemon has to offer. Legendaries are required when team building, and you have access to the best for competitive battling. The only Pokemon banned in this category is Mega-Rayquaza, as Mega-Rayquaza is too broken for any meta.

Suppose you want to see the ultimate in Pokemon battling. Even if it’s ridiculously overpowered and overblown, Ubers is the place to go. It’s the most powerful Pokemon available for team building and a broken meta that favors the unpredictable and powerful Arceus.

This tier can be fun, but it’s too powerful and broken to be the leading tier for competitive Pokemon, an honor reserved for the next tier on the list.

OverUsed (OU)

OverUsed, or OU, is the most popular tier on this list. It’s considered the best tier for competitive play, as it bans the most broken Pokemon while still retaining some of the best Pokemon the game offers.

OU consists of many fan-favorite Pokemon, but competitive players will want to read up to see what’s popular in the current meta, whether it’s Landorus Therian form, Garchomp, or Aegislash. Different generations have different metas, so pay attention to the format and generation of the meta to see what’s best.

Typically, the current gen is the most popular, but you can also roll back to find older-gen battles. Before you go all in on OU, you can check out the lower tiers to see what Pokemon aren’t used as much as they should in the current meta of the all-encompassing OU category.

UnderUsed (UU)

If you’re more interested in playing with some Pokemon that don’t quite fit the current meta, check out the UnderUsed tier, UU. This tier consists of powerful Pokemon that don’t quite make the cut for OU. Either because there’s a better option available, a Pokemon with a better move set and typing that fulfills the same role, or just have lower stats that don’t make the tier.

UU has Pokemon not commonly used in competitive battling but offers a host of strategies and underplayed tactics for you to learn and play with. Pokemon like Gardevoir, the Guardian Trio, Weezing, and more, are good Pokemon but not powerful enough to make it into the OU tier.

You can play with favorites, or learn more about the Pokemon of the meta, as some are certainly good enough to be used in OU in combination with OU Pokemon. After all, having an unpredictable team and strategy is key to rising through the ranks and keeping those wins rolling in.

RarelyUsed (RU)

Do you like Flareon? Then this is the tier for you. Most Eeveelutions and Pokemon like Registeel and Flygon make up this tier. This tier is mainly played for fun and has few associated strategies. 

However, you can see Pokemon you would typically never see played competitively and maybe even find one you can work into an OU or UU strategy. However, if you play this tier, you mostly play for kicks and giggles.

NeverUsed (NU)

Salazzle, Comfey, Vileplume. Pokemon that would usually never see the light of day in a competitive battle call this tier home. If you play this tier, you’re playing for fun. These Pokemon simply aren’t viable in the current competitive meta, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them. This tier forces you to get creative with your options and strategies, and it is a great place to begin competitive battling. Besides getting your feet wet, you can test new techniques and find one that might work in upper tiers while still playing relatively low risk in the NU tier.


PU isn’t an acronym. It means the Pokemon in this tier are stinky, so you won’t be playing for keeps. This tier can be a lot of fun, but you won’t find any viable Pokemon or translatable strategies. But if you want to wreck someone with a Beheeyem, you’re in the right place. You can have fun coming up with silly strategies that wouldn’t work in any other tier and just have fun.

Playing with terrible Pokemon is an art form in and of itself. Learning how to utilize all Pokemon competitively can help you in all forms of play, from the games to tournaments and nuzlocks, if you’re interested in upping the difficulty of regular Pokemon games or playing fan games.

Little Cup

Do you like baby Pokemon ? Then you’ll enjoy the Little Cup. The tiniest tyrants butt heads, and the little warriors utilize everything they have available at level 5 to take down the opposition.

You’ll enjoy this tier immensely if you like the Puppy Cup more than the Superbowl. Pokemon are limited to level five and are the base form of Pokemon. Pokemon with two evolutions are popular in this tier, as you might expect since they’re typically stronger with higher base stats, but all baby Pokemon are welcome to join. 

You have to be tiny, cute, and vital to make it in this tier, but playing at such low levels with such weak Pokemon is utterly transcendental if you’re used to higher tiers. You’re far more limited in the available Pokemon and moves, so this tier relies less on strategy and your predictions and teambuilding, which means this tier is fantastic for building those skills.


Doubles isn’t a tier. It’s a format that most competitive battling uses. A double battle is when two Pokemon are sent out at once and battle against two other Pokemon. You can use a much more comprehensive range of strategies than single battles, the most used format in competitive battling.

Doubles is the format that best suits competitive battling, as it requires far more skill than singles. Many moves and their power are only fully realized in double battles. Considering your Pokemon’s moves, support capability, and synergy is just as important as predicting your opponent’s moves and strategies.

Pokemon must fill multiple roles, and keeping your wits about you in battle is essential to victory. Official Pokemon video game tournaments use this format, and double battles are considered the standard in competitive battling. Strategies are more in-depth.

In Doubles, you can only choose four of your six Pokemon to face the competitor in battle, which means predicting the Pokemon they bring and how they’ll play them is a critical part of the battle. Doubles takes the difficulty of Single battles and rachet it up to eleven. 

Pokemon Showdown: Competitive Pokemon Battling

Whether you’re dedicated to improving your Pokemon by battling for official tournaments, in-game battles, or just having fun, Pokemon Showdown is the place to be for competitive Pokemon battles.

Pokemon battling comprises probability management, prediction, strategy, and team building. There are many factors to consider in battle, and learning the ins and outs of competitive battling is rewarding and fulfilling.

And Showdown is entirely free and always will be. It’s the battle simulator for Smogon, the website to go to for anything competitive battling. You can download the applet or go to the website for instant competitive battling with thousands of other users worldwide. You’ll have to create an account to save your rank and teams, but the more you interact with the community, the more fun you’ll have.

Competitive Pokemon battling isn’t for everyone, but everyone is capable of battling competitively. It’s easy to pick up and start, and you learn everything else over time by playing.

So go to the website and start battling to improve your skills as a Trainer today. With the new generation coming out soon, there’s no better time to get started, and soon you’ll be competing at regional tournaments to rank up points to head to the World Championships in no time.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Review

Pokemon Legends Arceus is what many Pokemon fans have been waiting for: an open-world Pokemon experience that focuses on the nominal pocket monsters with fresh gameplay mechanics. At the same time, however, Arceus is far from the typical Pokemon experience that most players have come to expect from the classic games. 

Pokemon Legends Arceus isn’t an open-world game. It’s filled with large areas you can explore at your own pace, unlocking in a particular order. While this is necessary for story progression, it still feels like an experimental bit of game development, even if each area is fun to explore.

The new gameplay mechanics are what drive the game forward. Whereas mainline Pokemon games focus on random encounters, in Arceus, you see Pokemon and approach them to either capture or battle them. If you trigger an attack from an overworld Pokemon, they’ll attack you directly. Otherwise, you have to throw out your Pokemon to begin a battle.

The battles have new mechanics that will seem familiar to Bravely Default fans. Pokemon can learn moves in a Strong or Agile Style. Strong Style increases the Pokemon’s move power but sets them back. The agile Style uses less power but allows you to move faster. Your Pokemon battle strategy will change to take advantage of these new mechanics.

The story is also different from the usual gym battles and victory road. It showcases Pokemon as powerful, dangerous, and unknowable creatures. As you progress through the story, you help the region’s people see Pokemon in a new light, which can feel incredibly rewarding as you fill out the Pokédex and complete sidequests.

Ultimately, while Pokemon Legends Arceus is fantastic for old Pokemon fans and newcomers, an extra year or two in development could have worked wonders for the overworld and gameplay. Still, this game is worthy of thorough consideration and a detailed breakdown, which is what we’ll go into next. 

An Entirely New Gameplay Experience

Get ready to catch ‘em all! This game’s progression and new mechanics mainly revolve around capturing Pokemon for the Pokédex. It’s how you progress the story and unlock new regions to explore, where you can catch even more Pokemon.

However, you don’t just walk into the tall grass for a Pokemon to jump at you. The Pokemon travel worldwide, interacting with each other and the environment. It’s up to you to decide how to approach and capture them. You can sneak through the tall grass, chuck a Pokeball at their backs, or take a page out of the Safari Zone and stun or distract them.

While you don’t have to start a battle to capture the Pokemon, you still have the option to weaken the Pokemon through battle before capturing them. Along with new Pokeballs and items, there’s an entire crafting system in the game where you can gather items in the overworld to craft other specialty items to help you get that rare and difficult capture.

Catching Pokemon is fun, but battling has a different spin. Now turns are based on a Pokemon’s speed stat. If your turn comes up, you are in the turn order. Agile moves prioritize speed over power, while Strong Style moves prioritize strength.

This allows you to pull off some sneaky tricks, like using a fast move in Agile Style to get your turn up next. Then, if you use a more robust, slower movement in Strong Style to knock out the Pokemon, the rival Pokemon won’t even be able to attack before you win. 

These moves aren’t just limited to players. The Pokemon and Trainers of the region can pull the same tricks, so you must plan your battle carefully.

Alpha Pokemon is another new addition to the Pokemon Legends Arceus world. You happily trek across the map until you come across a red-eyed, massive beast that one-shots you back to camp. Alpha Pokemon are aggressive, assertive, and challenging to capture. They add an extra element of danger to exploring and are especially rewarding to catch.

You’ll have to do more than capture one of each Pokemon to fill out the Pokédex. Each Pokemon has unique challenges to work towards a full Pokédex entry, like capturing multiples of the same Pokemon, evolving the Pokemon, or battling with or against them. You’ll spend more time with the same Pokemon to learn about them.

This new method of gameplay provides an extra layer of challenge to completing the Pokédex that is welcomed by Pokemon fans. Not only do you have to capture one of every Pokemon, but you also have to battle, travel, capture multiple, or witness certain behaviors to understand them truly, making Arceus like a real-life field experience.

Unreasonably high levels, aggressive attacks, and higher-level Pokemon provide quite a bit of stealth and battling challenge, at least at the beginning. The increased difficulty level is also a welcomed change to the Pokemon formula. 

Each area’s field bosses provide catching and battling challenges that you’ll have to attempt multiple times to complete, and beating them can feel like conquering a tough gym. These new difficulty levels make the game especially enjoyable for fans who have already beaten the other Pokemon games before trying Arceus.

Pokemon Like You’ve Always Imagined

The heart and soul of this game are the Pokemon. Battling and capturing are exactly how you think they’d be in real life. Watching the Pokemon in the wild, strategizing how to catch them, or watching two Alpha Pokemon you led to each other tearing themselves apart in battle provides a level of authenticity to the world of Arceus that other games may lack.

While the Pokemon don’t have the same depth and behavioral mechanics as Pokemon Snap, it’s still rewarding to see them in the wild. Just be wary of how many aggressive Pokemon are around you when you send your Pokemon out to fight. Horde battles can and will happen, and your Pokemon will face steep odds.

Dimensional rifts and new Pokemon forms are also included in the game, adding different flavors to the Hisui region. Dimensional rifts allow you to access old forms of Pokemon, Pokemon that you can’t typically find in the area, and unique items that you can use to evolve your Pokemon.

Many classic Pokemon receive new forms and evolutions in Arceus, including the final forms of the three starter Pokemon: Rowlet, Oshawatt, and Cyndaquil. Basculin, Stantler, and even Scyther have new unique evolutions for you to discover, giving some love to the first generation of Pokemon.

You can also ride Pokemon to help you explore the region, eliminating the need for HMS, so you don’t have to teach Cut to your starter. Moreover, you can control each Pokemon’s movements while flying, riding, swimming, and climbing throughout the region. 

There are no set paths or obstacles to your exploration, so if you like exploring worlds in-game, Pokemon Legends Arceus is a fantastic choice.

An Empty Overworld: Not Much Besides Pokemon

While the graphics are a little better in the handheld version than in console mode, the fact remains that the Pokemon populate world looks horrible, especially compared to pretty open-world games on the same console. 

The overworld is empty and ugly. The textures are bad, the water seems downright bizarre (doubly so if there are water Pokemon swimming in it), and objects pop in and out of reality at will. Unfortunately, besides the Pokemon themselves, there’s not much to explore.

It would be nice to see a fully realized world for the Hisui region, but we’ll have to wait and see if Pokemon Scarlet and Violet improve on the open-world design of this game. For this game, it’s a very significant negative. 

The game is still playable and enjoyable, but putting more development time into the game would have undoubtedly improved the repetitive gameplay in the latter half of the game after the novelty of the new game mechanics has worn off.

The Good, The Bad, The Pokemon: A Major Series Mix-Up We Want More Of

Pokemon Legends Arceus is an excellent Pokemon game. Game Freak completely revolutionized the catching and battling mechanics to bring us a fresh Pokemon experience. Everything from the gameplay to the story feels fresh and is excellent for hardcore Pokemon fans and newcomers to the series. 

The rushed development of this game has led to an empty overworld and a repetitive loop in the story’s latter half. Once you’ve caught the Pokemon and beaten the first half, there’s little else to keep Pokemon fans engaged, and the open world favors exploration over the storyline.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is a great game, foreseeably in the top-ten all-time, arguably the top five games to date. We’ll have to see if Pokemon Scarlet and Violet sticks to the open-world premise that Pokemon fans can spend days exploring or deliver the more established, fully fleshed-out closed-world games with a proven track record and appetite from fans.

PSA Grading System for Pokemon Cards

So you’ve got all these old Pokemon cards from the 90s and 2000s when they were all the rage. And now they’re taking up space in your closet, packed away from the light where they remain until you either move or do a thorough house cleaning.

But before you throw them away, you might want to go through your collection for rare and valuable cards. Pokemon card collectors can pay quite a bit for their favorite mons in first editions and misprints. Look for rare holo cards and first editions for the most valuable cards in your Pokemon card collection.

Once you have your valuables, you have to determine their condition. Some collectors won’t care how much wear a card has suffered, while others will pay through the nose for a rare card in mint condition. Once you’ve separated the wheat from the chaff, you can consider getting your cards professionally rated.

What Is the PSA?

PSA stands for Professional Sports Authenticator, the premier graders of trading cards and sports memorabilia. They have the highest grading standards in the industry and are the go-to raters for collectors and sellers alike.

Rating cards are a pretty big business, and two other popular competitors are Beckett Grading Services (Beckett for short) and Certified Guaranty Company (CGS). PSA is considered the gold standard of the three major card rating companies.

That’s because the PSA grading system has much harsher standards and severe grading scales. There are many differences between a CGS 10 and a PSA Gem-Mint 10. Higher PSA numbers are far more valuable than similar numbers from other companies.

Of course, that also means your cards might not scale as high as you’d like with their strict standards. It’s up to you to determine if you’re cards are in good enough shape to send to the PSA or if you’d be better off having them graded at a less strict company.

A PSA rating is popular among Pokemon card collectors, both for their strictness and accuracy, so if you have cards that can rate highly with them, you should send them in to increase the value of your cards.

Why Have the PSA Rate Your Cards?

A good PSA rating can significantly increase the value of your cards. Many collectors will pay a premium to get the best cards possible. The price difference between a 10 Gem-Mint and a 9 Mint can be staggering.

For example, a Holo Rare First Edition Shadowless Charizard rated 10 Gem-Mint by the PSA from the 1999 Base Set was famously bought for over USD 420,000. Its superb condition and incredible rarity pushed this card’s value to heights most collectors can only dream of. 

Given their difficult grading scale, 10 Gem-Mint cards are flawless pieces of cardboard perfection. They are cards with no wear and tear, are perfectly centered printing, and have no physical defects. A similar card rated 9 Mint by the PSA fetches around USD 30,000. Not chump change, but nowhere near the value of the highly prized Gem-Mint rating.

As you can see, you can exponentially increase the value of your cards if you have them rated by the PSA. However, you need to pick cards that are both rare and can make the grade.

Another good reason to grade your cards is their sentimental value. Maybe you’re the collectors who pride yourself in having great cards in great condition. Perhaps your collection is too nostalgic to part with, or you have some exceptional cards you’d like to hold on to.

Money isn’t the only reason to have your Pokemon cards rated. If you’re attached to your collection, have some cards near and dear to your heart, or want to keep your favorites around, you can have them rated and placed in unique sleeves to keep them from deteriorating.

Rating Your Cards

Before shipping all your best Pokemon cards to the PSA, you should examine them first. You should judge the condition of your cards, then send the ones in the best conditions that will make the grade at the PSA. After all, there’s no point in paying the PSA grading cost if you won’t score very high.

Magnifying lamps and jeweler’s loupes can help you closely inspect your cards if you want to get into the nitty gritty of grading them. However, if you hold the cards in good lighting and check them, you can get a good idea of their condition. Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly to prevent leaving skin oils on a card’s surface.

You want cards that have minor wear and tear. There should be few to no defects on the front and only one or two on the back. Corners should be tight, with no fraying, and there should be minimal amounts of white around the edges on the back of the card.

The card shouldn’t be faded, and the picture should be clear. Hold the card at an angle to the light to inspect for scratches and dents in the card, which can lower its value significantly. If the card has few defects, it can rate quite highly.

To get the coveted 10 Gem-Mint ratings, it has to be flawless in its condition and construction. That means the picture is perfectly centered, the borders are straight and within the margins, and there are no other printing errors with the card. Since you can’t control how the Pokemon Company made the card, it takes luck to get that rating and protect it as soon as it comes out of the foil.

The Benefits of PSA Grading Pokemon Cards

PSA-rated Pokemon cards are worth much more than unrated cards. PSA grades are highly trusted by the Pokemon card collecting community as the grading scale is so strict that they can be sure the cards are in the condition they say.

Moreover, with the guarantee of their condition, you also get a small placard and case that protects the cards from further deterioration. It keeps the card in the condition they were in when they were rated.

Moreover, they not only rate Pokemon cards but authenticate them. Given the number of fakes and how realistic they look, a PSA-rated card is not only a guarantee of quality but of authenticity. If the card appears to have been tampered with or restored, they refuse to rate the card and send it back to the owner stating the card has been disqualified from rating.

Between these three essential functions, the PSA does excellent work with the collecting community, and getting your cards rated by them is crucial for collectors and sellers alike. The other card grading companies aren’t as well trusted and have more card damage incidents than the PSA.

PSA is the gold standard in Pokemon card collecting, as they have strict standards, authenticating services, and excellent handling procedures and cases. They are the most used and accepted grading scale for Pokemon card collecting.

The Cons of PSA Grading Pokemon Cards

However, that doesn’t mean getting your cards rated by the PSA is always worth it. Their high standards and lengthy authenticating and grading procedures mean long wait times and high prices.

PSA grading costs can vary. You can expect to spend USD 30 with a turnover of 120 days for cards worth less than USD 500. It goes up to USD 300 for cards worth USD 5,000 or less with a week of wait time. 

Given that card prices vary over time, you shouldn’t be planning to send your card in and get it back immediately for sale. Cheaper valuations require plenty of time, so you should send it in well ahead to get the most out of your card.

Next, you should only send valuable cards in good condition if you plan to profit from them. Given the high cost of grading, if you send in a card and get a lower grade than expected, you could end up at a loss. It doesn’t matter as much if you’re planning on grading your cards for personal reasons, but you should keep this cost in mind.

Finally, although rare, there’s still a chance your precious cards could be damaged in transit or during the grading process. Before sending them in, you should take pictures of your cards to prove their condition. However, if your cards are precious for personal reasons, it might be better not to send them in if you don’t want to risk it.

PSA-rated Pokemon Cards: Are They Worth It?

Getting a PSA rating on your rare cards can skyrocket their value if you sell them.  However, the PSA grading cost can increase overhead quite a bit and come with some risks:

  • You may get a lower rating than you’re expecting
  • The card’s price may change while you’re waiting for its evaluation
  • If worse comes to worst, it might be damaged in transit.

It’s up to you to decide whether your rare Pokemon cards are worth getting graded by the PSA. Do you want to increase their value? Preserve them for the future. Get the cases and cards to show your rare cards to the internet. While there are other options for grading, having the PSA rate your cards is the best way to authenticate your Pokemon card collection.

How to Buy and Sell Pokemon Cards Online 

You might be sitting on a goldmine if you’re still holding on to old childhood toys. A lot of childhood paraphernalia sells at surprisingly high sums these days, including:

Mixed in among these surprisingly valuable childhood collectibles are Pokemon cards. Depending on the condition, quality, and rarity of your Pokemon cards, you might be able to sell them for a considerable amount. 

All is well and good, but where and how do you buy and sell Pokemon cards online? 

Where to Sell Pokemon Cards Online

Let’s start with where you can sell Pokemon cards online. There are various ways to do this; some will be more convenient than others. But when it comes to dusting off those old binders of Pokemon cards and making a dime or two off of them, all of these are reliable ways to do that. 


eBay is an excellent way to buy or sell Pokemon cards. One of the things we appreciate about it is that the seller can choose the price they want for their items. To help you do that, the site lets you look at the prices other sellers have set for the same or similar items. 

That’s especially helpful if you have, for instance, a holographic Lapras Pokemon card from 1995 but no idea what it’s worth or what people will pay for it. 

However, a fixed price isn’t necessary. While you can give users an option to buy an item immediately, setting a minimum amount and auctioning your Pokemon card off instead is possible. You’ll be able to set a time limit on bidding, and interested potential customers can set offers and hopefully drive the price up. 

Another advantage of selling Pokemon cards through eBay is that the first 200 listings you set are free. This can be helpful to new sellers, especially if your Pokemon cards sell quickly. But if not, you can always relist them in the future. 

However, you will have to pay approximately 10% of the final price to the site as a sales fee. Additionally, shipping is paid, either by you or the customer, depending on what arrangements you make. Consequently, you want to take care with shipping to avoid disputes due to:

  • Damages 
  • Delivery delays 

Finally, if you discover you have a rare or unusual Pokemon card and want to sell it on eBay, consider having it professionally graded and authenticated. Professional grading helps establish buyer trust. It’s also an excellent way to pinpoint your Pokemon cards’ worth since their condition drastically affects their price. 

But eBay isn’t the only way to sell Pokemon cards online. Here are some alternatives. 

Facebook Marketplace 

The immediate advantage of Facebook Marketplace is that, unlike eBay, there are no seller fees. So, if you manage to sell a Pokemon card for a surprising amount, you can rest assured that all of that will come to you. 

It’s also a popular way to buy and sell merchandise locally. Like eBay, it’s possible to see how much others are selling similar items for, and that can help you judge the price of the Pokemon cards you want to sell. 

However, you do need to have or be willing to set up a Facebook account since prospective buyers will communicate with you through the platform, either through:

Mobile app 

Website messaging service 

Another advantage is that since Facebook Marketplace targets local buyers, you can avoid shipping fees. Instead, you set up a pickup time with the buyer, and they come to collect their purchase. 

If you’re uneasy about meeting strangers in the current climate, even to hand off merchandise, Facebook Marketplace now provides an option called a ‘porch pickup.’ All you need to do is agree on a safe place to leave the Pokemon card outside the house and a time for them to come and collect it. 

They pick up the Pokemon card from the agreed-on place, leave the payment in exchange, and you maintain a safe distance. 

Facebook Marketplace allows buyers to pay either in cash or by debit card. Knowing this is important since using a credit card naturally precludes leaving payment in a pre-arranged spot. 

However, if a buyer does pay you for a Pokemon card via card, you can deposit the sum directly into a checking account. 

TCGPlayer Marketplace 

TCGPlayer Marketplace is an online marketplace designed to help people buy and sell Pokemon cards and other valuable, collectible trading cards. 

Creating an account and listing Pokemon cards for sale are both cost-free interactions. Sellers won’t have to pay unless they make a sale. And, whereas eBay takes an obligatory 10% of your sale, TCGPlayer Marketplace varies its charges based on how much your Pokemon cards sell. 

Seller fees range from 3% to 10.25%, meaning that you’ll have to give the TCGPlayer Marketplace significantly less money to sell an unremarkable Pokemon card than you would if selling a rare and coveted one. 

Sellers should also be aware that because TCGPlayer Market conducts its transactions through PayPal, there’s a 3% charge from PayPal for putting the money on your PayPal balance. However, transferring money from PayPal to your bank is free of charge. 

All these transactions may sound like they add up, especially if you want to sell a substantial Pokemon card collection online. However, regular sellers or sellers with many listings can upgrade to a Pro Seller account. Sellers who choose to do this pay reduced transaction fees. 

Despite the fees, TCGPlayer Marketplace continues to be popular with Pokemon card sellers because, unlike the locally-oriented Facebook Marketplace, it makes it possible to sell your Pokemon cards internationally and domestically. This gives you more prospective buyer options than limiting your sales to your region.

Troll and Toad 

Another answer to the question of how to buy and sell Pokemon cards online is through Troll and Toad. 

Selling your Pokemon cards through Troll and Toad is more involved than with other sites. First, you must mail your entire Pokemon card collection or as much as you hope to sell to Troll and Toad. They inspect your cards for:

  • Value
  • Quality 
  • Condition 

Sellers typically receive payment five days after the inspection, though this can vary. 

The most effective way of selling Pokemon cards online through Troll and Toad is by establishing a buy list. You can compile this by going through the various Pokemon card series listed on the website and matching them to the cards you want to sell. Selecting these will tell you how much Troll and Toad is prepared to pay for specific cards and help you estimate how much your cards are worth. 

Importantly, if you want to sell Pokemon cards online through Troll and Toad, it helps to know that if you request payment via check or PayPal, your Pokemon card lot must be worth at least $30. 

Lots worth less than $30 can still be sold but will only receive store credit. This can be helpful if you want to buy Pokemon cards online but not if you want to top up your bank account. Orders worth store credit are ineligible for the 35% payout bonus you can earn when selling larger or more valuable Pokemon cards through Troll and Toad. 

This 35% payout bonus applies to orders where:

  • Seller requests Website credit instead of alternative payment 
  • Orders are not in bulk 
  • Order exceeds $30 value 

Customers opting for website credit for bulk orders will not qualify for the 35% bonus. 

Additionally, if you sell Pokemon cards online to Troll and Toad, you are responsible for paying the following:

  • Shipping fees 
  • Customs fees 

If you don’t, or if Troll and Toad have to pay part of the customs or shipping fee, they deduct the amount from your eventual payment. 

Finally, since you need to ship your Pokemon cards to Troll and Toad for assessment and subsequent purchase, you must allow the requisite business days for your parcel to reach them before they can value your order.  

Cape Fear Games

Another way to tackle the problem of buying and selling Pokemon cards online is through Cape Fear Games. 

Depending on where you live, it’s possible to ship or hand-deliver your cards to Cape Fear Games for purchase. However, while it saves you shipping expenses, hand delivery does require you to be in the area. 

Like other online sites for buying and selling Pokemon cards online, Cape Fear Games provides prospective sellers with a buy list to gauge the worth of their Pokemon cards. It gives you references that reflect the price of your card depending on its professional grading, current condition, and overall value. 

However, not all cards are equally valuable, and with that in mind, Cape Fear Games limits the kinds of Pokemon cards it buys from moment to moment. To help you know if you have cards that Cape Fear Games is interested in buying, they also provide you with a list of cards they are open to purchasing at the time. 

If you do have Pokemon cards they decide to buy, you can opt to receive payment either through:

  • PayPal
  • Check
  • In-store credit 
  • MTGOTraders.com store credit 

Accepting in-store credit gives the seller a 30% bonus, while MTGOTraders.com store credit comes with a 20% purchase bonus. 

It’s also worth remembering that PayPal transactions may incur a fee ranging from 3% to 5%. For a check to be shipped to you, your Pokemon cards must be worth a minimum of $10. 

Dave and Adam’s 

Another answer to the question of how to buy and sell Pokemon cards online is through Dave and Adam’s Card World. This website trades in Pokemon and sports cards. 

There are several ways you can choose to sell your Pokemon cards through this website. But however you proceed, you start by contacting their office and providing them with details of the Pokemon cards you want to sell online. 

You can then mail your Pokemon cards to Dave and Adam’s. Once they arrive, you should receive a payment within 48 hours. 

Alternatively, and depending on where you are, it may be possible for someone to come and collect the Pokemon cards in person. While this saves on shipping, you will receive 95% of the cards’ value if you opt to sell your cards this way. 

But because of the possibility for in-person sales, it is possible to sell your Pokemon cards for cash this way, which may appeal to some sellers. 

Other payment options include checks and PayPal transactions. 

Finally, Dave and Adam’s may not choose to buy all your Pokemon cards. If that is the case, they will return the rejects, and you won’t have to pay the return shipping fee. Free return shipping is unique to this website and one of the reasons people choose to sell their Pokemon cards online through this website. 


CCGCastle is another excellent website for people wondering how to buy and sell Pokemon cards online. 

It buys a range of trading card series and allows buyers and sellers to browse the catalog to see what they wish to buy or sell. 

The website is easy to navigate and includes a buy list for sellers, including the current buyback price of a Pokemon card. Clicking on ‘Sell us Yours’ enables you to add items to your cat and set up an order. 

When you do this, it will indicate how many of your cards CCGCastle will want to buy. This is particularly helpful if you have duplicates of a card. 

You do have to pay shipping fees when selling your Pokemon cards online to CCGCastle. However, its payment options include PayPal and in-store credit. You can use the store credit online. 

Finally, if you use the store credit to buy Pokemon cards online through CCGCastle, you enter a rewards program that helps you accrue points that you can deduct from future purchases.


We’ve talked primarily about how to sell Pokemon cards online, but it’s worth stressing that all of the websites that allow you to sell Pokemon cards will also let you buy them. Some even offer an online or store credit option that you can deduct from the cost of future orders. 

If you decide to sell Pokemon cards online, consider having them graded and authenticated. It helps forge trust, and it’s what you, as a buyer, would want other sellers to do.  

The bottom line is that various options are available, whether you are buying or selling Pokemon cards online. Find one you feel comfortable with and start looking for that Pokemon card you always wanted or selling your old cards to the highest bidder.    

Top 10 Highest Price Pokemon Cards 

Pokemon cards debuted in 1996 and were an astonishing success. Overnight, they took the world by storm as children became invested in collecting, trading, and playing with Pokemon cards. 

Almost 20 years later, the cards haven’t lost their edge, and people continue to trade them. However, they’re now much more expensive and rare than when they were released. Of course, not all Pokemon cards are equally valuable; some sell for higher prices than others. 

Here are the ten highest-priced Pokemon cards in circulation. 

10 Tamamushi University Magikarp Trophy Promo

Card released: 1998

Sold for: $66,1000

No one who followed the Pokemon TV show in the 1990s, which ran concurrently with the popular Pokemon cards, could have anticipated that Magikarp would become one of the top ten highest-priced Pokemon cards. 

On air, Magikarp was notoriously unhelpful in battle, especially out of its water habitat where it flopped, well, like a fish out of water. 

However, in 1998, a Japanese magazine ran a competition in the heyday of the Pokemon card craze. The competition featured various tests for school-aged students and ran through the magazine. Anyone who completed them could submit their results for grading. 

This competition was the Tamamushi University Hyper Test, lasting two days. When it ended, a select 1,000 students received invitations to join a Pokemon card tournament in Osaka. The winners received this Magikarp trophy card as a sign of their success. 

Curiously, Tamamushi’s promotional Magikarp can perform Dragon Rage, which isn’t your standard Magikarp attack. If you received the original card during the competition, you also received a downloadable version of the same enhanced Magikarp in video games. 

9 1999 Pokemon Japanese Promo Tropical Mega Battle Tropical Wind

Card Released: 1999

Sold for: $65,1000

Another of the ten highest-priced Pokemon cards isn’t of a Pokemon. Instead, it works a bit like a chance card in Monopoly. Players toss a coin, and if it comes up heads, your Pokemon party’s health improves as you dock two damage counters from each Pokemon. 

If you lost the coin toss and tossed tails, all your Pokemon fell asleep. This card ranks as one of the top 10 highest-priced Pokemon cards because only 12 were issued as part of the Tropical Mega Battle. 

The Tropical Mega Battle was the Pokemon card prelude to a world champion competition between 50 players from different countries. Players joined only after winning a local competition and receiving an invitation to participate in the tournament based in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Because of the invite-only policy of the tournament, many of the cards released remain among the most exclusive Pokemon cards on the market. 

8 Umbreon Gold Star Holo 

Card released: 2005

Sold for: $70,000

Eevee and her many evolutions have always been fan favorites with Pokemon devotees. 

This hologram Umbreon card is no exception. The scarcity of cards in circulation also contributes to it being one of the ten highest-priced Pokemon cards. 

Like other Pokemon cards on this list, the Umbreon Gold Star Holo became available to players who participated in a tournament. Players earned this card by participating in the Pokemon Players’ Club’s fourth season. However, you had to do more than participate to earn it.

If you wanted an Umbreon Gold Star Holo card, you also had to score 70,000 points or higher throughout the competition. 

Possibly because of the effort needed to acquire the card or possibly because of the low number of cards distributed, this card isn’t often for sale. When it is, it sells for the kind of money that quickly makes it one of the highest-priced Pokemon cards doing the rounds. 

The condition of the card is also essential. Mint or near-mint condition means this Umbreon Gold Star Holo card will sell for more. 

7 1999 Super Secret Battle No. 1 Trainer

Card Released: 1999

Sold for: $90,000

This card is another of the highest-priced Pokemon cards that don’t feature a Pokemon, though it does have a picture of Mewtwo, a factor that adds to its value. Despite the image of a Pokemon, the Super Secret Battle No. 1 Trainer has nothing to do with Mewtwo. 

The Super Secret Battle No. 1. Trainer card gave players access to the final round of a Japanese tournament held in 1999. You received this card if you won your regional competition round and were deemed eligible to advance to the final. 

Finalists participated in the card’s titular Super Secret Battle. There was a lot of cloak and dagger surrounding the competition. Since you needed to win regionally to enter and only seven regions participated, the belief is that only seven copies of the card were issued. 

Six of the seven have shown up for sale in mint condition as per the grading system that judges the cards on:

  • Quality
  • Condition 
  • Value 

6 2006 Pokemon World Championships Promo No. 2 Trainer

Card Released: 2006

Sold for: $110,000

This card is considered one of three Pokemon cards of its kind. It is one of the three sold for an eye-watering $110,000 in February 2021. 

Like many of the ten highest-priced Pokemon cards, the 2006 Pokemon World Championships Promo No. 2 Trainer went to competition winners. 

Competitors interested in obtaining the card needed to do several things, including:

  • Score a set number of points 
  • Reach final divisional round 

Despite not being a card of a Pokemon, it prominently features Pikachu on a holographic background. The Pokemon holds a silver trophy and the text on the card says that anyone who received the card can compete in the 2007 competition. 

A combination of high card quality and limited availability make this one of the highest-priced Pokemon cards and one of the hardest to find and purchase.  

5 First Edition Neo Genesis Lugia 

Card Released: 2000

Sold for: $144,300

Lugia, the mythical bird Pokemon, first appeared on the Gameboy Pokemon Silver. He returned when technology shifted to Nintendo DS on Pokemon Soul Silver and has remained a fan favorite ever since. In both games, the bird is extraordinarily rare and challenging to catch. 

The Pokemon card is similarly difficult to find because many of its early printing runs were faulty. Later editions were revised. However, various expansions for the card game set it ran in continued to include unedited misprints of the Lugia card. 

Consequently, grading Neo Genesis First Edition Lugia is exceptionally challenging. To date, there are an estimated 41 cards in circulation without fault or error, but of those 41, only three qualify as being in mint condition. 

Still one of the highest-priced Pokemon cards, the New Genesis First Edition Lugia first took the internet by storm when a copy sold for $129,000. Since then, the price has only increased. 

In addition to the card’s scarcity, various other factors contributed to its steep price. One of these is that the psychic bird featured prominently in the second Pokemon movie alongside Ho-Oh. 

Another thing that affects the value of the Neo Genesis First Edition Lugia is that by the time of its release, the Pokemon card craze had subsided. There were still collectors, competitors, and players. Still, the fever-pitch enthusiasm of the mid-to-late nineties had diminished, and the cards didn’t sell with the intensity of previous decks. 

Finally, Neo Genesis cards still had a TCG license. Subsequent cards and merchandise reverted to Nintendo, and the TCG label added extra value for Pokemon card collectors.  

4 Kangaskhan Holo Family Event Trophy 

Card Released: 1998

Sold For: $150,000

In our Pokemon card days, Kangaskhan was never one of our favorites, but this might be why we never mastered the game. 

The Kangaskhan Holo Family Event Trophy is aptly named. Pokemon distributed this high-priced Pokemon card to contestant winners in a Japanese tournament. 

However, in keeping with the mum-and-joey design of Pokemon, entrants consisted of family teams. A child and parent had to play alongside each other to be eligible for the competition. 

This Pokemon card is as expensive as it is because of the handful of copies circulating. Only 11 have been graded. Consequently, it is one of the rarest trophy cards in circulation. 

One of the distinguishing features that helps drive the price of this particular Pokemon card up is that it features the original – and long since retired – Pocket Monsters Card Game logo on the back and front. 

This card was the original Japanese name for the game, but it didn’t catch on, so it was changed with time and replaced with the more familiar TCG logo. The atypical logo adds to the card’s rarity. 

Combined with the holographic background, the price of this Pokemon card quickly skyrocketed. If people continue collecting it, it will likely keep climbing in cost.   

3 Blastoise Wizards of the Coast Presentation Galaxy Star Holo

Card Released: 1998

Sold for: $360,000

Despite its 1998 issue date, many fans were unaware this Pokemon card existed until an auction in 2021. Supposedly, this Blastoise Presentation Galaxy card wasn’t intended to be sold. Instead, the makers intended to show retailers what the completed cards would eventually be like. 

The owner sold the Card at Heritage Auctions early in 2021. Because of the card’s sudden discovery, no one knows much about it. The current belief is that only two prints of the Blastoise Presentation Galaxy Star Holo Card exist. One has been accounted for at the auction, but the whereabouts of the other is undetermined. 

It’s one of the earliest North American Pokemon cards we know of, which explains why it’s one of the highest-priced Pokemon cards out there. It features Magic: The Gathering on the back, which is a testament to its vintage label, as this brand of Pokemon card didn’t last long. 

However, the manufacturer successfully sold the concept of an English-language version of the Pokemon card game. 

Because of the extreme rarity of this card and the fact that the other copy can’t be located, it wouldn’t be surprising if the price continued to climb and it rose the charts to take the place of the most expensive Pokemon card on offer. 

2 Charizard 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set

Card Released: 1999

Sold for: $369,000

Charizard, like Blastoise, is one of the original 150 Pokemon, and he crops up several times on this list. It was a popular card back when it was released, and twenty-odd years later, that’s still true. 

It’s also true that there are many permutations of Charizard in circulation, even of first edition Charizards. What makes this unique and one of the highest-priced Pokemon cards is Charzard’s lack of shadow. 

Curiously, the lack of shadow isn’t intentional. It’s a printing error. However, that only makes it more popular and more valuable with collectors. 

Previously the card sold for as much as $350,000, but that record broke in October 2020 when the price increased to $369,000. 

1 Illustrator CoroCoro Comics Promo Pikachu 

Card Released: 1998

Sold for: $375,000

Narrowly beating out the Shadowless Base Set Charizard is the Illustrator Card depicting lovable, electric Pikachu. 

In 1997, CoroCoro comics ran a promotional competition where artists submitted artistic Pokemon-inspired drawings. The winning submissions appeared in the magazine, and winners received 20 copies of a Pokemon card featuring their illustration and a single copy of the Pikachu Illustrator card

Twenty other competitors also received the card alongside a card acknowledging their artistic excellence. The card recognizes recipients as officially authorized Pokemon illustrators. Since its release in 1998, the card has consistently attracted a high price. 

Since 2017 the price of this Pokemon card has increased from $195,000 to $200,000 to the more recent $375,000. 

Since fewer than 20 cards exist, the price will likely keep climbing. Suppose we continue to unearth other rare, unseen cards like the Blastoise Presentation Galaxy card. In that case, the Pikachu Illustrator’s card may be in for a steep competition if it wants to hold the spot as the highest-priced Pokemon card. 


Pokemon might have aged, but that hasn’t lessened demand for the cards. What has changed is the prices. Many cards you could get in packs from the corner store have soared to astronomical prices. 

So have many even rarer cards, especially those from competitions. A card’s scarcity, as well as its holograph background, also affects its value. It’s time to dust off those binders and go through your old Pokemon cards. You might be sitting on a fortune.

Top 10 Best Pokemon Cards

There are now at least 898 unique species of Pokemon, and every last one of them is somebody’s favorite. Each Pokemon has its advantages and disadvantages, from the tiny Flabebe to the massive Eternatus, and each new iteration shows the familiar fighters in a new light.

In 2021, Pokemon TCG released six new expansions, totaling over 1000 new cards for players to collect and add to their decks. With that many options, it’s no surprise that of all the “top ten” lists of the best cards of the year, no two look alike. That said, here are my ten favorite Pokemon cards released in 2021.

Ditto VMAX

Shining Fates, the first Pokemon TCG expansion of 2021, came out with a bang, dropping nearly 200 brand-new cards. This Ditto VMAX is one of two by PLANETA Tsuji, and while the Shiny Vault version is rarer, I think this Holo Rare is a better showing of the artist’s work. The swirling colors in the background give Ditto a three-dimensional look that the Shiny Vault version disguises.

PLANETA Tsuji is one of the most recognizable artists currently creating for Pokemon TCG. They’ve illustrated dozens of other Pokemon, Pokemon V, and Pokemon VMAX cards across multiple expansions, all with their iconic three-dimensional style.

Ditto doesn’t look like much, but this evolution of Ditto V has the Max Transform attack. Rather than dealing damage of its own, this attack allows Ditto to choose another player’s active Pokemon and use its attack as its own. Having your own attack used against you in battle is a devastating blow, and this Ditto VMAX is the best Pokemon to deal it.

  • Evolves From: Ditto V
  • HP: 320
  • Type: Normal
  • Weakness: Fighting
  • Rarity: Holo Rare VMAX
  • Expansion: Shining Fates
  • Release Date: February 19, 2021

Cinderace VMAX

This Cinderace VMAX card is one of three Cinderace cards found in the Shining Fates expansion. Artist PLANETA Mochizuki, who also designed the Victini VMAX card on this list, captures Cinderace VMAX preparing to unleash an epic battle cry, striking fear into the hearts of its opponents.

This Cinderace card has two attacks. Max Pyro Ball does 170 damage and burns the opponent’s active Pokemon. The second attack, Counter, is a perfect revenge move, dealing whatever additional damage Cinderace received during the opponent’s previous turn.

Another Cinderace VMAX card, which came out in the later Fusion Strike expansion, features the artwork of 5ban Graphics, shows Cinderace wielding a massive fireball with its ears, and I have to admit, choosing between that version and this one was tricky. Ultimately, though, I prefer the two-attack versatility of the Shining Fates version of Cinderace VMAX.

  • Evolves From: Cinderace V
  • HP: 320
  • Type: Fire
  • Weakness: Water
  • Rarity: Holo Rare VMAX
  • Expansion: Shining Fates
  • Release Date: February 19, 2021

Victini VMAX

Rumor has it that trainers who battle with Victini always win, and while I can’t say for sure that it’s true, I know that this Victini VMAX stands a good chance against any opponent. Its Spreading Flames ability allows players to take up to three fire energy cards from their discard pile and attach them to their Pokemon however they wish, which is a huge advantage.

The Max Victory attack does 100 damage on its own, plus an additional 120 if your opponent has a Pokemon V as their active Pokemon. At 220 damage total, that’s enough to knock out most Pokemon V, making Victini VMAX a nearly invincible card to play.

Of course, this isn’t the only Victini VMAX in the entire Pokemon TCG, but its Rainbow design is my favorite version. Artist PLANETA Mochizuki’s artwork turns the powerful Victini VMAX into a colorful emblem that will brighten up any player’s deck.

  • Evolves From: Victini V
  • HP: 310
  • Type: Psychic, Fire
  • Weakness: Water
  • Rarity: Rainbow Rare
  • Expansion: Sword and Shield: Battle Styles
  • Release Date: March 19, 2021

Mimikyu V

No one knows what Mimikyu looks like because it wears a homemade Pikachu costume, apparently attempting to look cuter and less scary. It misses the mark, as it’s much creepier than cute. Still, this Ultra Rare card by illustrator Eske Yoshinob captures that energy perfectly, giving the impression that Mimikyu is making puppy eyes, luring its opponents into battle.

Mimikyu’s ability, Dummy Doll, protects it from damage for one complete turn after a player plays it from their hand onto their bench. This ability prevents it from being knocked out of the game before you can use its attack, Jealous Eyes.

This sadistic attack counts up every prize card your opponent has taken during battle and gives their active Pokemon three damage counters for each. There’s something darkly satisfying about taking revenge on your opponent for their success, isn’t there?

  • Evolves From: (none)
  • HP: 160
  • Type: Psychic
  • Weakness: Darkness
  • Rarity: Ultra Rare
  • Expansion: Sword and Shield: Battle Styles
  • Release Date: March 19, 2021

Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX

The Sword and Shield: Chilling Reign expansion brought nearly 200 new cards to the Pokemon TCG, including dozens of Pokemon from the Galar region. This Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX by artist group 5ban Graphics stands out among the eight VMAX cards included in the expansion.

As the viewer, you look up at Calyrex mounted on a rearing shadow horse, ready to charge into battle. The swirling VMAX colors beyond make the artwork of this Holo Rare card pop more than any of the three Shadow Rider Calyrex V cards from the same expansion.

At 320 HP, Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX is a sturdy defender, but its ability and attack combine to pack a powerful punch. The Underworld Door ability allows Calyrex to attach a psychic energy card to a benched Pokemon, then draw two cards. The Max Geist attack does ten damage, plus an additional 30 for each psychic energy card attached to all of your Pokemon.

  • Evolves From: Shadow Rider Calyrex V
  • HP: 320
  • Type: Psychic
  • Weakness: Darkness
  • Rarity: Holo Rare VMAX
  • Expansion: Sword and Shield: Chilling Reign
  • Release Date: June 18, 2021

Galarian Rapidash V

Rapidash, the evolution of Ponyta, is usually a fire-type Pokemon, but this Rapidash V found in the Region is psychic. Artist Sui shows Rapidash in a new and unusual color palette of pastel blues, purples, and greens. In this scene, Rapidash V stands among a field of tightly-closed buds, gently prodding a beautiful blue flower open with its glowing horn.

It’s a unique take on the Pokemon, who usually appears rearing and ready for battle, but of course, I like seeing Rapidash this way. Even the most formidable Pokemon deserves a bit of leisure time, and it’s nice to see Rapidash basking in the glow of the natural world.

Of course, when it’s time to battle, Rapidash V is every bit as powerful as you would hope. Its Libra Horn attack adds as many damage counters as possible to lower one of your opponent’s Pokemon to 100 HP or less. Then the Psychic attack does 60 damage, plus an additional 30 for each energy card your opponent has attached to their active Pokemon.

  • Evolves From: (none)
  • HP: 210
  • Type: Psychic
  • Weakness: Darkness
  • Rarity: Ultra Rare
  • Expansion: Sword and Shield: Chilling Reign
  • Release Date: June 18, 2021

Umbreon VMAX

Umbreon is the dark evolution of Eevee, and this Umbreon VMAX, which evolves from Umbreon V, is its most potent iteration yet. This card features the artwork of KEIICHIRO ITO, an artist who has been illustrating for the Pokemon TCG since the 2019 release of the Sun & Moon: Unified Minds expansion.

This VMAX card is the most powerful and beautiful of the four Umbreon cards in the Sword and Shield: Evolving Skies expansion. It captures Umbreon coiled around a tall spire, playfully batting at the moon. The blue and green clouds and the reflection of the moonlight on the lake are beautiful additions not often seen in the standard Pokemon cards.

I have a soft spot for the cards that show powerful Pokemon in restful situations, but Umbreon VMAX is still a force to be reckoned with. Its Dark Signal ability allows the player to evolve one Pokemon and switch an opponent’s benched Pokemon with their active Pokemon, and its Max Darkness attack does a massive 160 damage.

  • Evolves From: (none)
  • HP: 320
  • Type: Darkness
  • Weakness: Grass
  • Rarity: Rainbow Rare
  • Expansion: Sword and Shield: Evolving Skies
  • Release Date: August 27, 2021

Espeon V

This card by artist sow sow captures Espeon, the psychic-type evolution of Eevee, in a library surrounded by a telekinetic tornado of books. It’s one of four Espeon cards from the Sword and Shield: Evolving Skies expansion. Although it may not be as strong as the Espeon VMAX, the alternative art makes it my favorite version.

The card has a cozy, homey vibe, a pleasant relief from the usual high-intensity energy. The other Espeon V cards, like the one by illustrator 5ban Graphics, feature the Pokemon engaged in battle. This alternative art version shows a softer side of Espeon that Pokemon players don’t often get to see.

Sowsow’s art is recognizable across many other Pokemon cards, but this Espeon V is by far their most impressive work. Of course, the card is more than just its art, and Espeon packs a punch. Its Zen Shot does 60 damage to an opponent’s Pokemon V, and Super Psy Bolt deals a devastating 120 damage.

  • Evolves From: (none)
  • HP: 200
  • Type: Psychic
  • Weakness: Darkness
  • Rarity: Ultra Rare
  • Expansion: Sword and Shield: Evolving Skies
  • Release Date: August 27, 2021

Mew V

Squishy, pink Mew doesn’t look like much, but it’s a terrifying Pokemon to go up against, even in its standard form. Its psychic abilities are deceptively challenging, considering its soft, hairless external appearance. But Mew V from the Fusion Strike expansion is an even more formidable opponent.

Its Energy Mix ability allows players to search their deck for an energy card, attaching it to any of their other Fusion Strike Pokemon before shuffling the deck. The Psychic Leap attack does 70 damage before allowing Mew to disappear safely back into the deck and any other cards attached to it.

Stealth attacks and supporting abilities like these make Mew V one of the best cards in any deck, regardless of playstyle. While it’s not the only Mew V in the TCG, this version by Mitsuhiro Arita captures the Pokemon in all its hairless, pink glory, and I love it.

  • HP: 180
  • Type: Psychic
  • Weakness: Darkness
  • Rarity: Ultra Rare
  • Expansion: Sword and Shield: Fusion Strike
  • Release Date: November 12, 2021

Crabominable V

The original Crabominable, a fighting ice type, packs a heavy-hitting punch, but this Crabominable V from the Sword and Shield: Fusion Strike expansion is even more powerful. At 220 HP, it’s nearly as strong as some of the VMAX cards released in 2021 and has two significant attacks.

The Trigger Avalanche attack allows you to discard the top two cards from your opponent’s deck and watch them realize you’ve just removed their favorite Pokemon from the game. Then, Crabominable V adds insult to injury with its Destroyer Punch attack, which does 90 damage, plus an additional 60 damage for each damage counter on the defender’s Active Pokemon.

Artist MUGENUP brings Crabominable to life in this Ultra Rare card, showing the Pokemon in all its three-dimensional glory. With its pincers raised in the air, this Crabominable V is ready to take on whatever Pokemon it may encounter.

  • HP: 220
  • Type: Water
  • Weakness: Metal
  • Rarity: Holo Rare V
  • Expansion: Sword and Shield: Fusion Strike
  • Release Date: November 12, 2021


Each expansion brings new abilities, attacks, and features to the familiar world of Pokemon. Choosing ten out of over a thousand possible cards is no small task, but here you have it. Looking back over some of the best Pokemon cards released in 2021 gets you excited about what’s coming in 2022.

Pokemon TCG Live (Online TCG Game)

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is a game produced by Pokemon where two players use the available 60 cards to battle it out.  In this game, players use the cards to build decks around cards that have Pokemon characters.  Once these cards are built, the two opponents take turns attacking each other, with the primary goal being to defeat their opponents.  Therefore, for a player to win, they must use strategies that their opponents are unaware of or be more creative than their opponents.

How to Enjoy the Pokemon Trading Card Game

Pokemon TCG Live allows players the opportunity to enjoy live games while on the go.  With Pokemon TCG, you can add new sets of cards to your collection by scanning their unique codes.  Additionally, this game allows you to exchange the Crystals earned while playing the game for booster packs or for participating in daily quests.  The available booster packs and the daily quests are determined by your current Pokemon level.  In other words, the higher your level, the better the booster packs and the daily quests.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game allows you to build powerful decks from your card collection.  The good thing is that with your card collection, you can design your deck and be ready to take on your next challenge head-on.  Apart from this, you can battle with players from different parts of the world.  Furthermore, the game supports various languages such as Italian, Spanish, German, Brazilian Portuguese, and English.

Pokemon TCG Digital Activities

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has different digital activities you can enjoy while on the go.  For instance, you can customize your experience with different accessories as a player. This gives your game a personal touch, thus increasing your chances of spending more time playing the game.

With Pokemon TCG, you can participate in various daily challenges. With these challenges, you get the opportunity to increase your levels, thus earning more points.  Furthermore, with the Pokemon TCG, you can use the in-game currency to get new cards used as redeemable gifts. The digital archives also allow you to create custom avatars that match your preferences.

System Requirements

Pokemon Trading Card Game can be played on different devices such as mobile phones and computers.  However, it is vital to consider the device’s specifications since not every mobile phone or computer will support the game.  The following is a breakdown of the system’s mobile phones and computers specifications.

Windows Specifications

The minimum operating system for a computer operating on Windows should be Windows 7, while the recommended OS should be Windows 10 with 64-bit.  On the other hand, the minimum processor speed for your computer should be Intel Pentium, while its recommended processor should be Intel Core with a GHz of 2.6.

Your laptop’s recommended memory should be 4 GB RAM, while its storage should be 3 GB.  Regarding video clarity, your computer should support NVIDIA with an HD of 4850 or better.  Additionally, a resolution of 1024 x 768 should suffice your gaming experience. Finally, a broadband internet connection should support the entire gaming process.

MAC Specifications

If you own a MAC, you should ensure its operating system is the latest OS X or macOS version.  The minimum processor should be Intel Core 2 Duo or Intel Core i3.  However, a better version of the processor is also recommended.  The storage space should be at least 3GB, while its memory should be 3 GB RAM.  The video specs should support NVIDIA GeForce with a High-Definition resolution of at least 5,670.  In terms of resolution, the minimum display should be 1024 x 768.  A broadband internet connection is required to play the game.

iOS Mobile Devices

If you own an iPhone, an operating system of 15 should suffice your gaming experience.  Any device released after 2017 should be okay if you own an iPad.

Android Mobile Device

Samsung Galaxy mobile devices are compatible with this game.  However, you should ensure that your device has 2GB of RAM or more.  In addition, the device’s operating system should be at least version 8.  Finally, your device should support ASTC Compression in terms of texture compression.

Where to Buy Pokemon Trading Card Game Products

Apart from playing the Pokemon TCG game, you can also buy its wide range of products from different stores.  These stores include Pokemon Center, Walmart, Target, GameStop, BestBuy, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Parental Guide

You can select the right products for your kids or players as a parent.  An advantage of Pokemon TCG is that it gives players a wide range of playing styles to choose from.  These styles include Card Fan, Friendly Battler, and Competitive Battler.  The Card Fan lets the player collect a wide range of cards and trade them for their favorite Pokemon.  With the Card Fan, you can collect pins, Pokemon V Boxes, Pokemon V Tins, and Poke Ball Tins.

The Friendly Battler is for any player who wants to play Pokemon TCG with friends.  Additionally, this game is for anyone who needs a ready deck for players to battle it out.  Some recommendations for Friendly Battler include the Pokemon Trading Card Game Battle Academy, V Battle Decks, Pokemon V Tins, and the Elite Trainer Boxes.

The Competitive Battler is for trainers ready to battle it out in communities.  In most instances, the Competitive Battler is for pros.  Some recommendations for Competitive Battler include the Elite Trainer Boxes, Build & Battle Box, the League Battle Decks, and the Trainer’s Toolkit.

Parting Shot

Pokemon Trading Card Game is still fresh, and players should expect more updates and details.  Additionally, with an app version of the game still in the works, it is undoubtedly that players’ overall gaming experience will be enhanced as time goes on.

Pokemon NFTs

Twenty-six years ago, Japanese video game creator Satoshi Tajiri, and illustrator Ken Sugimori, introduced the world to a videogame with 151 fictional creatures called Pokemon. Originally released under the name Pocket Monsters, the game sold over 31.38 million copies, marking the start of this billion-dollar entertainment franchise.   

Today, the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) is one of the most popular collectibles in the world. But, with some Pokemon cards printed only a few dozen times, like Master’s Key and 1st Edition Holo Lugia, it makes ‘catching ’em all’ near-impossible. 

The company’s Gotta Catch ‘Em All! slogan and established card rarity make the TCG even more desirable to Pokemon fans and a near-perfect concoction for the ever-growing non-fungible token (NFT) market.

What Is the Future of Collectible Card Games?

With the non-fungible token (NFT) market gaining popularity, it seems that the future of trading cards may be on the metaverse. Specifically, the NBA‘s experiment of selling digital collectibles proved highly successful, with a LeBron James highlight purchased for $200,000.

Another example is Sega, a Japanese multinational video game company widely known for creating Sonic the Hedgehog. After much debate, it entered the digital market with its newly trademarked NFT logo. 

Sega’s entrance into the metaverse is yet another indicator of video game developers’ and entertainment industries’ move towards the digital collectible market. As more companies trend towards the NFT market, many of these major entertainment enterprises may have no choice but to enter the digital arena. 

Why Pokemon TCG Could Be the Most Successful NFTs

If Pokemon cards become NFTs, they would be the most significant collectible on the market, and their success would be instant. Even with basic knowledge of the Pokemon TCG, it’s clear that the cards already have all the characteristics that traders desire from an NFT. The four

attributes of successful NFTs are:

  • Uniqueness
  • Rarity
  • Identifiable
  • One creator

These four NFT attributes are some of the main features distinguishing a successful digital asset from an unsuccessful one. Now, let’s further discuss the Pokemon TCG characteristics that apply to the NFT market.


The sole characteristic of an NFT is that each one is unique, and Pokemon cards can easily be. While exact numbers may never be confirmed with a card like the prerelease Raichu only rumored to exist, according to The Gamer, there are 898 species, 389 variants, and 1,287 designs.

With Pokemon’s exhaustive list of cards, some rarer than others, the company could easily create a massive database of unique NFTs with the already present rarity making TCGs an exceptional NFT. 

Established Rarity

Pokemon TCG’s established rarity is a key attribute of a successful NFT. Every popular NFT collection needs rarity to allow its collectibles to increase in value. Rare Pokemon cards have features like holographic art, half-body art, full-body art, rainbow design, or a promo icon. 

However, one reason the NBA’s digital collectibles were successful wasn’t necessarily because each card was unique. It’s because of how the NFT market works. To elaborate, the transparency of NFTs makes it public knowledge of how many cards exist. 

So, for example, in real-life, a Pokemon card with hundreds of copies isn’t going to sell for much. But if the company produced cards with the same species, but different attributes like abilities, statistics, etc., the unique features and knowledge of how many exist would create a new type basis for rarity and, thus, set the trade value for each Pokemon NFT. 

Collectible and Tradable

The Pikachu Illustrator is the most expensive card sold at $375,000. 

From the company’s slogan to the millions of Pokemon collectors worldwide, the collectability of Pokemon cards is straightforward. Additionally, Pokemon cards are versatile, as they’re used to play the trading card game, trade between friends or online, and buy for investment purposes. 

Identifiable Creator

When creators market their NFT, they enter the asset into the blockchain, essentially a signature to prove the NFT’s originality and link to the artist. 

While the creator of Pokemon NFTs would be the franchise itself, through TCG’s existence, 88 illustrators have created the artwork for each card, furthering the artist’s creation. 

Why Pokemon NFTs Are a Good Idea

Pokemon’s accessibility extends to many technological platforms and targets new and old generations to experience, like mobile apps and Nintendo consoles. For example, the mobile game Pokemon Go introduced a new way for followers to hunt for Pokemon.

If Pokemon moved to the metaverse, it would create a new way to trade cards that would exist on any platform with access to the NFT market. In addition, if Pokemon cards were on the blockchain, it would eliminate the need for card verification and, thus, eliminate the worry of purchasing a fake card.

While Pokemon TCG has all the characteristics of successful NFTs, the company’s worldwide following is the leading reason Pokemon NFTs will dominate the metaverse.

Pokemon NFT Possibilities with Gameplay

Pokemon NFT possibilities go beyond just digital card trading. To understand the gaming franchise’s potential, we can examine other entertainment companies that have accepted the metaverse. 

For example, Ubisoft, a French video game and entertainment company, is the first in its industry to create a “play-to-earn” or “playable” NFT video game platform called Ubisoft Quartz. 

A “playable” NFT video game means players can earn NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Video games have always rewarded players as they level up or accomplish a task, but there’s never been a way to monetize directly from a game. 

Take Minecraft, for example; a Netherite sword with Sharpness V enchantment in survival mode requires players to be at least level 54 and 36 on bookshelves – which is a lot. 

A Nephrite sword is the best weapon in the game, and one with the highest level of enchantment requires players to log hundreds of gameplay hours. 

Now, if that sword were an NFT, a player could trade it within the game, on other platforms, or peer-to-peer for other NFTs or cryptocurrency. The only difference is that the item only existed in the game before. Now, it exists in the game and on the blockchain, meaning it has a unique identifier or serial number attached to it.

Another way to think about a “playable” NFT video game is when making purchases with real money in a game. In any game, the money spent gives the buyer that item to use. With NFT video games, the buyer not only gets the item but now owns it and can hold it or resell it at a higher price to other players.

On Ubisoft Quartz, players can acquire a Digit, an object in the game that shows the owner’s serial number. These in-game items are weapons or vehicles that players can equip or use in the game, and the owner can sell the item to other players or others outside the Ubisoft community. 

Pokemon TCG could create its own “pay-to-play” trading card game that players could catch, train, and trade Pokemon on a videogame connected to a blockchain. Another way to imagine the format of Pokemon as a “playable” NFT video game is by looking at Pokemon Go. 

Pokemon Go was a great way for local Pokemon enthusiasts to meet up and catch these creatures in a new and exciting way. A Pokemon NFT video game could follow the same concept, with creatures captured in real-life, but they’re also an NFT. 

What Stops Pokemon NFTs From Becoming a Reality

One concern of fans and companies in the gaming industry is the environmental impact of NFTs, for a good reason. 

The energy needed to complete one Bitcoin transaction is equivalent to one year of streaming a video, according to Ubisoft, and one Ethereum transaction is equal to over 100,000 VISA transactions, according to Statista.

Ubisoft answered the environmental concern by using the Tezos blockchain, which, unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, one transaction consumes the same amount of energy required to stream a video for 30 seconds. 

The Tezos blockchain uses proof-of-stake, while Bitcoin and Ethereum use proof-of-work. 

Under proof-of-work, mining cryptocurrency requires expensive, specialized equipment that requires enormous energy consumption. It can also lead to possibilities of centralization and security risks. More energy required means miners can join and share their computation power, resulting in majority control in the mining process.  

Proof-of-stake attempts to solve these problems by:

  • Requiring less energy consumption to mine,
  • It doesn’t require specialized equipment, 
  • Allows for more participation, making it more decentralized, 
  • Eliminates the need for miners by replacing them with validators.

While Pokemon would not use the Ethereum blockchain to run its NFTs, that may change with Ethereum’s merge to proof-of-stake expected to happen in the 2nd quarter of 2022. 

This move may also push other entertainment and video game franchises to accept the industry’s trend toward the metaverse.

Lastly, the main reason Pokemon NFTs may never happen is because of Nintendo, a joint owner of the Pokemon company. Nintendo isn’t one to hop on the latest technology trends, according to a response from Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa when asked about the company’s thoughts on emerging trends.

Pokemon NFT Cons

The main drawback to Pokemon TCG becoming NFT is that the franchise’s popularity would likely have enough participants to create its blockchain ecosystem. While this is undoubtedly a positive for Pokemon, it would make digital Pokemon cards unattainable to many of its followers. 

If this is the case, it could change Pokemon TCG from an accessible collectible and game for people of all ages into a collector’s item only accessible to the wealthiest class.

However, Pokemon TCG trading and investments are, in a way, already unattainable, with the rarest cards selling for thousands of dollars. So, Pokemon TCG as NFTs may not change the TCG community at all, not even a little bit.


Hopefully, you’ve gained a new understanding of Pokemon NFTs. However, if you’re new to cryptocurrency and the NFT world, then here are some frequently asked questions regarding these topics.

1. What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is the internet, but bigger. The most straightforward meaning of the metaverse refers to creating a real-time user experience outside the physical world through virtual or augmented reality. However, the metaverse is just a concept, as it does not physically exist – yet. 

Innovations in technology like NFTs show how blockchain technology can verify the digital asset owner, a crucial part of the persistence part of the metaverse, according to the Association for Talent Development (ATD). In other words, one purpose of the metaverse is to allow users to move from one virtual reality to another with their digital assets.

2. What is the Blockchain?

The blockchain is the ledger of every buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrency, which is why this form of currency is decentralized and secure. Once a transaction gets recorded in the blockchain, it can’t be altered in any way, making it a secure system to store transactions. 

3. What is an NFT?

An NFT can be any multimedia file (i.e., photo, video, or audio) that someone sells on an NFT market for cryptocurrency. So, for example, you could take a picture of your pet, upload it on an NFT marketplace, purchase some crypto, pay a couple of fees, and sell it at any price you want.

Each NFT has unique data stored on the blockchain to verify originality and ownership. 

Pokemon TCG as NFTs Will Be the Biggest Collectables on the Market

The purpose of NFTs, collecting and trading digitized assets, is, oddly enough, the exact purpose of Pokemon TCG. From collectible cards to the trading card game itself, the possibilities for Pokemon NFTs are considerable. 

Unfortunately, Nintendo has a track record of avoiding the latest trends, so don’t expect Pokemon NFTs any time soon. But suppose Nintendo and Pokemon explored its potential in the metaverse. 

If TCG did become NFTs, Pokemon would dominate the market. Other entertainment enterprises would struggle to reach the popularity and revenue levels that Pokemon, a digital collectible Pokemon Celebrations – 25th Anniversary set, could.

Pokemon NFTs would be unstoppable. 

Pokemon Celebrations – 25th Anniversary

The Pokemon franchise has come a long way since it began in 1996. In its two-and-a-half decades, the series has expanded well beyond the original Gameboy games to the DS, Wii, and 3DS and multiple anime series, movies, and merchandise.

The series Sun and Moon have finally arrived on the 3DS after much anticipation. But that’s not all; Nintendo and Game Freak have planned for the fans to celebrate the anniversary. The world of Pokemon is set to enter its golden anniversary era with a variety of different events.

Players will get to enjoy the 25th Anniversary celebrations with a variety of activities and surprises. From catching original Pokemon from the first generation to Mega Evolution coming back in full force, it’s set to be a great year for the Pokemon fanbase.

Pokemon Celebration Overview – What is being celebrated?

The Pokemon Celebration is a yearly event celebrating the release of new Pokemon games. This year, the celebration is being held in honor of the 25th anniversary of the franchise. From Mega Evolution to the first games on the original Game Boy, many events are being planned.

The purpose of the celebration is to mark the milestone of 20 years since the launch of the Pokemon franchise. The celebration was held from January 1 to December 31, 2021, and consisted of multiple events, one of which was the International Meet ‘N’ Greet event.

During the celebration, fans met up with their favorite Pokemon, participated in various activities, and collected special merchandise. Pokemon revealed several different games and plans at the event. These include special Pokemon from previous generations, such as Pikachu and Meowth, and characters from the Pokemon Sun and Moon games, like Litten and Pikachu.

Brief History of Pokemon Celebrations

Pokemon celebrations have come a long way over the years. They started as small events with just a few activities but have since evolved into large-scale affairs with various activities to choose from. Some people even travel from all over the world to attend these celebrations!

So, if you’re a Pokemon fan or have ever wanted to know more about the series, consider attending one of these celebrations. There are plenty of great events happening across the globe, so be sure to check them out.

Some Pokemon -inspired events are happening this year. Also, check out our list of the best events for Pokemon fans. It includes events by location and genre to help you plan your next trip.

Interesting Facts About Pokemon Celebrations

Pokemon celebrations are a joyous occasion where Trainers from around the globe come together to celebrate their love for Pokemon. There are many different ways to celebrate, but some popular activities include battling, trading, and watching Pokemon movies.

Pokemon is teaming up with some of the biggest names in music to help bring these events to life. Rock bands like Katy Perry, Post Malone, and J. Balvin are performing at different events supporting the series. Some of the top Pokemon and Nintendo events already in place include:

The new episodes of Pokemon Evolutions aired on the official Pokemon YouTube channel last year. The official Pokemon YouTube channel has returned the series for another mini-episodes season.

The Pokemon live stream started airing on the official Pokemon Twitch channel on December 8, 2020, including various surprises like giveaways and other events. The Pokemon live stream event features Pokemon favorites like Pikachu, Squirtle, and Mewtwo.

Pokemon celebrations are a lot of fun. There are usually games, prizes, and many other activities to enjoy. You can always watch the Pokemon celebration event on YouTube if you miss the live stream.

Baccarat celebrates 25 years of Pokemon

Baccarat celebrates 25 years of Pokemon with a new line of collectible figurines. The new line is inspired by the first generation of Pokemon and will include all of the original 151 characters. The figurines are made of high-quality resin and are hand-painted. They each stand 3 inches tall. The line also includes a Poke Ball bottle opener and placemat.

Pokemon GO Celebration – Moon Stone Availability and Release

The Pokemon GO Moon Stone is one of the most sought-after in-game items. Despite being called a “Moon Stone,” the item is not exclusive to Pokemon GO. It can be found in one of the latest games from the main series, Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The Moon Stone is a special item that can be used to evolve certain Pokemon. The evolution is not considered permanent, and the Pokemon will return to its original form when the player enters a PokeStop or battle.

However, the Pokemon can return to its evolved form again by using another Moon Stone. The Lunar Stone is also required to evolve Lunala.

The Pokemon GO Moon Stone is a special evolutionary item for Pokemon that can be obtained in Pokemon Sun and Moon. It can be evolved into a specific Pokemon, with an additional MPokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearloon Stone needed to evolve it into its final form.

Looking Ahead to Pokemon Celebrations

Looking ahead to Pokemon celebrations, it is evident that the future looks bright for all franchise fans. New games, movies, and merchandise are on the horizon, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the fun and excitement of Pokemon, no matter their age.

Recently, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon launched. These two games feature brand-new content, including the first Legendary Pokemon, Alolan forms of existing Pokemon, and plenty more.

The Pokemon coins are a beautiful tribute to the 20th anniversary of the franchise. The coin features all of the original 151 Pokemon, including Deoxys.

With Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, anyone can enjoy a diverse and immersive adventure, whether they’ve played the original games or not. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just getting started, there’s something in store for everyone. So get ready to party with Pikachu and the rest of the gang because the celebration is just starting!

Final Thoughts

This year is significant for Pokemon fans, as it marks the 25th anniversary of the release of the first games in the series. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the world of Pokemon is set to enter its golden anniversary with various events. For fans who want to celebrate with iconic creatures, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon are here to help. As always, we have a selection of great deals on all things Pokemon.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


Summary: Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are decent remakes of good games. While the core gameplay loop is still the same, the updated cutscenes don’t compare to contemporary ones, and some gameplay changes may bewilder long-time fans of the franchise.


Where Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have done the least to change the originals is where they’ve had a chance to shine the most. 

The story is good enough that it’s clear why Nintendo chose to continue its trend of remakes with these games. Though not as popular as some other entries, Diamond and Pearl (along with Platinum) were both strong entries in the series.

Like any Pokemon game, the player is a ten-year-old child going on their first grand adventure. But unlike some other games, you don’t start with the chaperoning of any adults. 

The player and their rival don’t even have Pokemon as they set off into the woods near the local lake to see if there’s anything there. They’re just kids that got an idea from seeing something on television. If anything, the protagonist keeps the rival from doing anything stupid.

Then both the player and their rival must steal pokemon from a discarded briefcase to defend themselves when danger inevitably comes knocking. And from there, what starts as an innocent adventure quickly escalates into a mess of cosmic proportions. 

While many gangs read as cults of personality in the Pokemon franchise, Team Galactic is one of the best depictions of a truly unhinged group of people once you know what they’re planning.

Back in the day, this may have read as a bit silly. The leader’s goals make absolutely no sense to anyone who thinks about them critically. Players looking at it through a modern lens are all too familiar with the dangers of ignoring a charismatic leader just because he appears to have lost his marbles.

However, even if a few other things about Generation IV haven’t managed to age quite as well, the story is more fine wine than vinegar at this point. For this alone, it was worth rebooting just for today’s kids to experience it.


There are a few key aspects of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl that Nintendo had to consider when adapting the gameplay of the originals. Contests, the Grand Underground, the Poketch, and even poffins have all come back, and some have fared better than others.


Pokemon Contests were first introduced as a new feature in Generation III. Upon arrival, they had a mixed reception, but they were popular enough with people who wanted to do things other than the battle that they made a comeback for Generation IV. 

Meanwhile, Poffins are an update to Pokeblocks that made them a little more of a challenge to make corrections with the second screen getting involved.

But with updated graphics come updated Contests, and the revamped systems aren’t what players might be used to now. 

Poffins are the first thing one might notice a few changes; they’re nearly impossible to make with controllers alone, making certain home entertainment setups into a logistical snarl. Players should expect to mess a few of these up before they finally get the new controls right.

And then there are the Contests themselves, which are an acquired taste, to say the least. Instead of the classic system where players use various moves to please the judges and the crowd, the moveset of your Pokemon no longer matters. Instead, players only need to complete a rhythm game. 

For those with poor coordination or disabilities, this is immediately alienating in a way that the old Contest system never was.

On top of no longer being as accessible, they’ve made it so that dressing up a Pokemon is no longer a factor in how good they look for their Contest debut. No more putting a mustache on a Pokemon’s eyes to make it look like they have bushy, concerned eyebrows. No more players show off their identities through Pokemon’s dapper little hats or bow ties. 

Call it simplified or streamlined, but many people will call it ruined.


To hardcore players, the quality-of-life improvements in Briliant Diamond and Shining Pearl might read as having their hands held. To most, however, they’ll be a relief.

From the start, players will notice that their battle experience is now shared by the whole party. 

Rather than needing an EXP Share, the whole party will level evenly regardless of what items they hold or what you have in your bag. This will be a huge weight off the shoulders of people who were used to the old method of swapping a stronger Pokemon in at the start of the battle, but hardcore players can’t turn it off either.

In addition, other things about the battle system have brought it up to speed with modern games in the series. 

Pokemon moves now display not only type but also that type’s relative weakness or strength compared to what you’re fighting. Some moves have been removed outright due to redundancy, while others that didn’t exist in the originals have been added. Movesets, in general, have also been brought to a modern standard.

Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have also addressed one of the biggest problems that Generation IV had at the time: a lack of fire-type Pokemon. 

In the originals, the only guaranteed fire-type Pokemon you could get without trading was your starter and a Ponyta. With Infernape being the rare unpopular fire-type starter, this left a lot of players stuck with the fire horse. Now, Growlithe and Houndour have both been added to that pool.

The Poketch

The Pokemon Watch, or Poketch as it’s called in-game, has always been a little on the awkward side. The step counter was useful when trying to hatch eggs, but otherwise, it stayed mostly out of the way on the second screen. Now, there’s no second screen where it can sit, so it just exists awkwardly in the way of your main screen. 

Admittedly a minor nitpick, but it’s something older fans may get annoyed about.

The Underground

Long-time fans of the series will be relieved to hear that the game has refused to budge an inch about this. 

Secret bases have been tweaked to be a little less fun, but mining and orb-finding have stayed the same in the grand scheme. The mechanics are unchanged, and the sound design is similar enough to have that same primal satisfaction from finding something shiny in the dirt.


Anyone who’s played a modern Pokemon game knows that the cutscenes have evolved over the years to look pretty good. Stylized as they are, they usually manage to age pretty well and maintain the distinct visuals of the Pokemon franchise.

Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have largely ignored that to reduce cost, and the result is hilarious bobbleheads.

Ironically enough, the problem appears to be an attempt to stay true to the graphics of the time while still being in 3D. 

Aside from the beginnings and endings of battles, most cutscenes are rendered with the same big-headed models that the overworld uses. These models are proportioned based on the sprites of the old games, which had huge heads because those were the easiest things for kids to distinguish.

All of this is made weirder because the more sensibly proportioned models exist. This wouldn’t be an issue if the big-headed models were consistent through the overworld, player character dress-up, and battles. But the proportions veer wildly between silly and serious instead, which gives the games a lot of tonal dissonance from one cutscene to the next. 

It doesn’t help that Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are already walking a storytelling tightrope as it is. In some places, the jarring shifts between battle cutscenes and bobbleheads are enough to grind the immersive experience to a screeching halt. Kids may not notice, but adults definitely will.


Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are good games built using the bones of great games. Some choices in adapting the originals have led to improvements, and others have been uniquely detrimental. 

Most of the improvements come as general quality-of-life changes and involve reducing the amount of artificial difficulty, while most of the things that made the games worse have been in the name of streamlining.

In the end, these games are still well worth their price tag. If you have a Switch, you should try the updated versions of these classic titles in the series. Even if your focus is entirely on solo play, the story is something that every Pokemon fan will appreciate.

Nintendo’s New Pokemon Snap Has Finally Arrived 

After 22 years, a new and improved Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch has finally arrived. The new Pokemon Snap is a dream come true for those who enjoy exploring worlds. From forests to deserts and everything in between, players can spend hours searching for the ultimate photos of 200 different Pokemon. 

Much like a National Geographic photographer moving through the outback of Australia, a player can explore the habitats of various mons, searching for the perfect opportunity to take a photo. 

The goal is to explore and find Pokemon in their home environments, hoping to snap a picture of them in their natural habitats. While some aspects of this updated game are similar to the original version, it’s an entirely new experience with additional habitats and 200 Pokemon to find within the game. It can feel like you are being transported into a world full of Pokemon, more so than in any other entry in the franchise. 

A New World to Explore

Like the original adaptation, this one has the player assisting in exploring these environments and the classification of Pokemon. In the newest version, though, the player is helping Professor Mirror and his assistant Rita. The goal is to discover how and why Pokeman can glow and how this affects their behavior. 

The professor will help rate your photos while Rita teaches you about the islands you explore and the Pokemon. Players can save their favorite photos and enhance them using filters or changing the lighting exposure. There are also several in-game tasks to complete to level up, opening up further opportunities to see mons with new behaviors.

New Pokemon present as the player moves through the various environments in the trusted exploration pod NEO-ONE. A player can throw fluff fruit to entice a mon out from hiding or to feed them, providing an opportunity to take photographs. Players can also toss a glowing orb in the mons vicinity, making the mom glow and pose. 

Players can also convince the mons to dance by playing a melody, creating even more photogenic sequences. Exploring at night also allows for more opportunities to find other Pokemon and to change the lighting for more photo options.

Professor Mirrors will rate each photo on a scale of 1-4, with a 4 being more action sequence photographs such as playing with other mons or dancing.  As players explore the region of Lental, as this world is called, you can work on quests and complete tasks assigned by the professor and Rita. 

As more tasks are completed, new options and Pokemon become available. The mons become even more accustomed to you and allow you to approach closer, allowing for even better camera action.

When saving photographs to your album, you can add personal touches and do some editing. Players can re-center their photographs, reduce the blur or add lighting to emphasize different aspects of the photo. You can also save photographs to a personal album designed separately from the Photodex involved in gameplay.

New Additions for the 21st Century

The newest game version also includes an interactive option for online play using photos from a player’s album. Players can see pictures that others have taken, not only for new ideas on how and when to photograph their favorite mons but also to compete for the top photo in different categories.

The game itself is fun to play. Exploring the various environments and finding new Pokemon throughout the game provides hours of enjoyment. As you move and continue to level up, new behaviors present themselves for each mon, and the interactions between the mons themselves range from adorable to hilarious. 

The artwork is fabulous and presents the player with realistic opportunities to take some memorable photographs of the mons in action.

By having this version accessible on the Nintendo Switch, the game creators, Bandai Namco Studios Inc, have only added to the sensation of playing within this world. The Switch is a handheld device that gives the impression of holding a camera and moving around to find the best possible picture angle. 

The game has been translated into several languages, making it a worldwide phenomenon where gamers can interact and share their photographs.

There were a few minor complaints for users who played the original version of Pokemon Snap, released in 1999. The newest version has solved many of those. There are more environments to explore and more Pokemon to find. 

The original release only had 63 different mons in-game versus the 200 from various generations within this edition. While there will be those who find criticisms for this edition, there is a big opportunity for future versions to incorporate several new Pokemon, with over 600 mons yet to be added.

Final Thoughts

From the console to the in-game interactions between the player and mon, there is very little negative to say about this version of Pokemon Snap. Immersing yourself in these new environments is truly special for any Pokemon fan. There is something magical about seeing a Venasaur stomping through a field or a Mantine jumping in and out of the water. New Pokemon Snap breathes life into the Pokemon that we fantasize about so much, allowing us to experience everything like we were on a virtual safari. 

It’s truly loads of enjoyment for new and existing fans. Spending time looking for and discovering new Pokemon while learning about their behaviors is an enjoyable experience. 

The ability to compare photographs and compete against other players for the best picture in different categories is a good, clean, relaxing enjoyment that any player, young or old, can truly enjoy. So grab your camera and find those hidden Pokemon waiting to give you a picture worth a thousand words.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Illustration Contest 2022

Got a knack for art and a passion for all things Pokemon? You’re in luck—the Pokemon Trading Card Game Illustration Contest 2022 has your name written all over it.

And, if you’re really lucky, so might a $5,000 check and the newest addition to the Pokemon TCG lineup.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game Illustration Contest 2022 is an evolution of the Pokemon Trading Card Game Illustration Grand Prix, an annual art competition that’s taken place every year since 2019. Hosted by Creatures, Inc.—the developers of the original Pokemon trading card game—and sponsored by The Pokemon Company International, the contest aims to give talented unknown artists a chance to put their stamp on the Pokemon legacy.

This year, the contest is being opened to applicants from both Japan and the U.S., marking the first time American artists have been eligible to enter. For the theme, the contest’s organizers have chosen “a moment in a Pokemon’s daily life.”

How to Enter

The rules couldn’t be simpler. Here’s how it works:

Step One: Pick Your Pokemon

This year’s list of Pokemon includes:

Step Two: Draw Them Doing Something

It could be training, cooking, napping, skateboarding, sunbathing, you name it. Get creative! Make sure the activity in the scene is consistent with the theme of the contest, “The Daily Life of Pokemon, ” and that you draw a background along with the Pokemon you select. 

Step Three: Send in Your Drawing

Once you’ve put the finishing touches on your masterpiece, upload it using the entry form on the contest’s website, along with your info.

Each participant can enter up to three submissions featuring any of the eight Pokemon from the list above. You could make a different Pokemon the star of each drawing or do three separate drawings of the same Pokemon. The choice is yours.

Who’s Eligible to Enter?

You must be a legal resident of the U.S. or Japan and be at least 18 years of age (the minimum required age is 19 in Alabama and Nebraska and 20 in Mississippi). Japanese entrants must be at least 20 years old.

What Are the Prizes?

One lucky first-place winner will earn a $5,000 cash prize and the honor of having their artwork featured on a special Pokèmon promo card. Not bad for putting your love of Pokemon down on paper!

But the payoffs don’t end there.

Two first runners-up, one from Japan and the U.S., will get a $3,000 cash prize and see their drawings brought to life in card form. Two-second runners-up, again from Japan and the U.S., respectively, will score $1,000 in cash. Finally, 15 contestants from either country will receive the esteemed Judges’ Award, with a not-inconsiderable payout of $500.

All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges, which includes such illustrious figures as Satoru Nagaya, art director for Creatures, Inc., and Tzunekazu Ishihara, president of The Pokemon Company!

What Are You Waiting For?

This could be your opportunity to share your artistic vision with the world and become a part of Pokemon history.

You’ll need to act fast, though—the Pokemon Trading Card Game Illustration Contest 2022 runs from October 13th, 2021, to January 31st, 2022, which means you only have until the end of the month to show off your skills.

Good luck, and happy illustrating!

Price Guide Beta eBay Experience [2022]: Where To Find, How To Use

Over the past few years, Pokemon card sales on eBay have seen wild levels of growth, with estimates ranging from 500% year-over-year to as much as 1,046% growth! 

So clearly, you want to get in on the game.

But if you are letting go of a piece of your precious collection, you want to make sure you sell it for a price equivalent to its worth. A price that isn’t so high that you get no bids or so low that you get taken advantage of. Unfortunately, when you check eBay for pricing on similar cards, what you find is all over the board. It can be quite frustrating.

You’re not alone here. Have no fear – eBay has heard your concerns and developed a new trading card experience known as the Price Guide.

Introducing eBay’s Price Guide Experience

eBay created its new Price Guide with both sellers and buyers in mind. The Price Guide intends to provide a comprehensive and, even more importantly, accurate resource that allows users to manage their trading card (including Pokemon cards) sales and to track the item’s value. This is known as eBay’s market value.

eBay Price Guide Market Value

eBay’s Price Guide allows users and sellers to monitor the value of cards of interest based on real-time market data. This includes a card’s current and past value, so you can see where the most growth is coming from to further focus your sales funnel. The market value is calculated using transaction data from the past year. 

Users can dig even deeper by viewing historical data in a sales graph depicting a trading card’s winning bid amounts and the average sales price over the past year. And the best part about eBay’s Price Guide Market Value? It’s updated every few minutes. So you know it’s reflective of the market today.

Where Can You Find eBay’s Price Guide?

The Price Guide experience can be accessed via the mobile eBay application. Simply type what you’re looking for in the search bar, and the price guide will be at the very top of the results page. Click on “See price trend,” and you’re in!

Upon accessing the Price Guide, you will see the following:

  • A filter that allows you to sort by All Listings, Buy It Now, Auction, and Accepts Offer
  • The option to refine search results by Extended (broad) or Refined (specific) results
  • The eBay market value over the past week
  • A chart showing the weekly average price of sold items, which can be viewed for one week up to one year
  • Statistics from similar items from the past 30 days, such as the price range of all items sold, the volume of sales, and the number of sellers
  • The last 50 sales from the preceding 30 days
  • Links to guide you to view active listings or to sell a similar product

Make the search your own to get the information you need to feel confident selling or buying. 

Bonus Experience: Collection.

If you’ve made it this far in the article – you’re likely selling more than one Pokemon card. Lucky for you, eBay released an additional tool simultaneously, the eBay Price Guide: Collection.  

With Collection, sellers with a large portfolio can manage, list, and analyze market value in a single spot. 

Setting up your Collection is as easy as populating your inventory based on historical purchase history or uploading a CSV file.  Once complete, you will now be able to track the value of both your portfolio overall and individual items. Plus, users can view their collection using three views: total portfolio, category view (maybe limited edition versus common Pokemon cards), and individual items.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, head to the “MyeBay” menu and select “Collection.” 

eBay Price Guide Experience: Example

Let’s say you are looking to sell an Emboar card. 

You type in “Emboar Pokemon cards” in the search bar of your eBay app, hoping to get an idea of what price you should set. But low and behold…the first 5 five listings show pretty inconsistent pricing, from $00.99 to $8.99. 

And then, you see a note at the top of the search results, inviting you to “Track the value of your trading cards.” Perfect! Stoked to get some clarity, you click and are rewarded with the eBay Price Guide for Emboar Pokemon cards. 

You click through the Buying Format drop-down, looking at the differences between all listings,  “buy it now” items, auctions, and those that accepted offers. Selecting auction, you see an average price of $7.99 over the past month.  And even better, you see recent spikes in pricing – all the way up to $72.60 in the past month!

Feeling grounded in your options, you list your card with a starting bid price of $10.00. How easy was that?

Ready to Sell? Here are 4 Tips for being a Top Rated Seller. 

  1. Details: In this case, less is not more. Provide all the information you would want to know if you were in the buying position. And please stay honest. 
  1. A picture speaks a thousand words: Include a clear photo of the card you sell to show buyers that your product is genuine and aligned with the product description.
  1. Shipping and handling: Don’t use this as an opportunity to earn a few more bucks. For the most part, shipping and handling for a single card should sit around $1 – $5. 
  1. Delivery: Once packaged, ship right away! If possible, try to get items out within 48 hours of closing, and always notify the buyer if any issues arise. 

Good luck in trading your Pokemon cards. 

New Pokemon Snap: Explore The Pokemon World

Are you super excited about the ‘New Pokemon Snap’ to the Nintendo Switch? Well, the game brings one of the most unusual experiences to game lovers, i.e., observing the Pokemon world with utmost reality, taking their snaps without catching them, and observing how they live in their habitat. The Pokemon world is encapsulated in the best possible way within Nintendo’s Switch capabilities. The quality graphics of islands with changeable surroundings, the ambiance of forests and beaches, and the ways various Pokemon live together make the fans eager to explore the game.

What Pokemon Snap Is All About?

As the name indicates, the Pokemon snap is about observing Pokemon in their natural habitat and capturing their photographs. The players will be evaluated based on the quality of the pictures they take. Better ratings will be given to the pictures which are difficult to capture. For example, capturing the Pokemon walking will receive one point, whereas the player who successfully takes a picture while the Pokemon is eating can receive 2 points. Likewise, taking a picture while Pokemon is playing or dancing will result in 3 or 4 points, respectively.

The game is specifically designed to explore the Pokemon world. The previous Pokemon Snap version, launched in 1999, charmed the players in the Nintendo 64 era. But the new game is designed to use the best of Nintendo’s switch capabilities. You will explore the unseen behaviors of Pokemon in the Lental region, meet Professor Mirror, and work together to explore the Illumina phenomenon. The photographs you will take, and environmental observation will aid in revealing strange occurrences within the region. Players also have the option to create their Photodex with the help of the photographs they take.

Saving, editing, and sharing photos are now integrated into the game. Previously, it wasn’t easy to save the images taken within the games to your photo gallery. Still, the new Pokemon Snap has encapsulated all the elements of photography within the game. Like any other photographic tool, the users now have the option to capture high-definition pictures and adjust their brightness, zoom, and blur the desired elements. The users can add filters, stickers, and different kinds of frames to beautify the pictures further.


Limited games allow the players to look at how other users are playing. The new Pokemon snap to the Nintendo switches also allows players to improvise their pictures, looking at how everyone else is taking them. It provides an idea about what angles are better for taking a photograph, the combination of light and brightness, and the other aspects of photography. Overall, the game has made fans eager to explore new functions. The fans are enthusiastic about exploring the Pokemon, patrolling the territories, and capturing their unseen reactions. They are impatient to see and take photographs of Pikachu, Squirtle, Sobble, Scorbunny, and various other Pokemon. Users can play musical instruments, make them dance, and capture better photographs.

Key Statistics About The Game

The game is expected to release at the end of April 2021. Only one player can play at a time. It is a simulation, and the expected file size is 6.8GB. Pokemon Snap can be played on TV, in tabletop Mode, and handheld modes. The supporting languages of the game are French, German, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Italian. Bandai Namco Studios originally developed the game, and is expected to entertain fun lovers very soon.

Who is making pokemon snap

New Pokemon Snap is currently in development by Bandai Namco Studios Inc., the company behind the Wii port of Super Smash Bros. What’s more. The publisher claims this new game is being developed exclusively for Nintendo’s new console.

What New Features Will It Have?

Many differences in the new Pokemon Snap have become staples of the series. These include taking photographs of Pokemon and earning points, being able to choose your Pokemon’s pose before you take a picture, having an island challenge where you have to take pictures of as many Pokemon as possible, and having an encyclopedia of Pokemon. In addition, there are some fun new twists as well. These features include Poké Balls that can be thrown at Pokemon from a distance and first-person Mode when taking pictures with the camera close-up with Rita. Putting these concepts together leads to some interesting gameplay scenarios.

How to Buy Pokemon Snap

Pre-orders for the new Pokemon Snap are now available on the Nintendo eShop and retail locations.

The game is now available for pre-order at stores such as Amazon.

🎑 Top 5 Grass Pokemon Cards

Along with Fire and Water types, the Grass-type Pokemon is one of the basic elemental types in the Pokemon Universe; however, they are considered the weakest among the three types. Hence, they are usually attached to other Energy and Support cards like that of Poison to enhance their strength. 

The Grass-type can have some of the best moves in the card game, provided you are aware of which card to pick and which one to keep at bay. Follow this guide to get the hang of one of the strongest grass–type Pokemon in your collection!

5. Accelgor

From the Dark Explorers set, Accelgor has an HP of 90. This is a Stage 1 Pokemon. The “Deck and Cover” attack brought it to our top 5 list. With this attack, you can paralyze and poison your opponent’s Pokemon while sending damage of 50. 

Throughout the history of TCG, Accelgor has seen battles with different Pokemon attached to them, such as Mew, Trevenant, and Dusknoir. 

4. Muk

Muk, which evolves from Grimer, is a 70 HP Stage 1 Pokemon. Its Pokemon Power is “Toxic Gas.” It prevents all Pokemon Powers other than Toxic Gases from damaging it unconditionally. It even has an attack of “Sludge” that deals 30 damage to your opponent’s defending Pokemon. 

It would be best if you got heads on a coin flip to play it. 

3. Verizon EX

The Verizon EX card is a basic Pokemon with an HP of 170. It has the ability of “Verdant Wind,” which allows any Pokemon of Grass Energy attached to Verizon EX to remain unaffected by any special conditions like poisoning, paralyzing, or falling asleep, making your deck much more powerful than before. It has an attack, ‘Emeral Slash,’ that deals 50 damage to the opponent.  

2. Golisopod GX

With a massive HP of 210, Golisopod GX is a Stage 1 Grass-type Pokemon. It has an attack known as “‘First Impression,” which normally deals 30 damage, but if it becomes active in your turn after being benched, it deals 90 more damage. There is “‘Armor Press” with 100 damage and ‘Crossing Cut GX’ with 150 damage. 

1. Decidueye GX

At number 1, we have Decidueye GX with a towering HP of 240, which came out with the Sun and Moonset. This card is insanely powerful with the ability “Feather Arrow,” which means you can put two damage counters on any of your opponent’s Pokemon before your attack. With ‘Razor Leaf’ leading damage of 90, you can use this card in your deck to achieve victory in no time!

All in all, grass attack moves are super effective against Water, Ground, and Rock Pokemon. With defense moves being best from attacks sent by Water, Electric, Grass, and Ground Pokemon, you can win a tournament if you know when to use them. 

All you have to do is play smart!

💧 Top 5 Water Pokemon Cards

Whether you are a competitor or a collector, below is a list of the top 5 best water-type Pokemon cards that have been released over the years, which more or less guarantee your win by a clear margin against your competitor.

If you are such a Pokemon enthusiast who is new to this yet still wants to play the game now and then, you have come to the right place to help you figure out what Pokemon cards will help you defeat your opponent!

5. Gyarados:

Evolving from Magikarp, the Gyarados card is from Stormfront. Being a level 52 card, it has three different attacks that a player can make use of. The most impactful one is the “Tail Revenge.” It takes up 0 energy yet does damage up to 30 times the amount of Magikarp in your discard pile. 

The expert belt gave Gyarados 20 more HP, taking it up to 130 HP, making it a very hard Pokemon to knock out. With this one, you should win the game by a clear margin. 

No Pokemon card game guide will truly cover all you need to know, but with this information, you are one step further in your journey to becoming a Pokemon Master! 

4. Feraligatr:

Feraligatr is a stage 2 card with 120 HP, among the oldest cards made. Along with being able to use the attack “Riptide,” which did ten damage plus ten damage multiplied by the number of water energy Pokemon cards in your discard pile, the Feraligatr deck was considered to be one of the most powerful in its era with items cards like ‘Misty’s Wrath.’

3. Keldeo Ex:

This is a basic water-type Ex Pokemon with up to 170 HP. This is a powerful card because it can “Rush In.”

What that does is if this Pokemon was on the bench, you could switch it with a Pokemon of yours that is active, allowing you to recycle Keldeos back and forth. With the help of item cards like “Float Stone,” it allowed you to switch any attacker you want out. 

2. Seismitoad Ex:

First released as part of the Furious Fists expansion, it is one of the most dominant playing cards with an HP of 180. 

It consisted of two very powerful attacks: Quaking Punch and Grenade Hammer. The former prevented your opponent from using any item card in their next turn. This card is quite controlling, and with item cards like “Hypnotoxic Laser,” you can easily win the game.

1. Blastoise: 

Evolving from Wartortle, the Blastoise card from Boundaries Crossed expansion; was a Stage 2 card with an HP of 140. With attacks like Hydro Pump, you get to do ten more damage for each water-type energy attached to this Pokemon, making it easily one of the strongest cards to use along with other cards like Blastoise Ex. 

⚡ Top 5 Lightning Pokemon Cards

When playing Pokemon: The Card Game (TCG), every player should know the best move to win the game. How can you win if you don’t know your golden moves, right? 

This blog discusses the Top 5 Lightning Pokemon Cards to help you win your battles and become a Pokemon Master! These lightning Pokemon have always impressed users due to their powers of paralyzing and stunning. 

5. Magnezone

The generation IV Magnezone is inevitably in our top 5, considering it has 11 resistances and one immunity! You will have to pay close attention to damage with this card; however, because it falls short because of the weaknesses, it has to fighting type Pokemon. You are bound to win with an HP of 140 and an ability like “Magnetic Circuit,” which allows you to attach any other lightning energy card to any Pokemon card from your deck. 

Now that you know the best cards to play in Lightning Pokemon, it’s time to search for these to add to your collection. 

Stagger your opponent off the playing field in seconds, especially those heavily dependent on Flying and Water-type Pokemon!

4. Jolteon

Having evolved with the Thunderstone, Jolteon has an HP of 90. With a speed base of 130, this makes Jolteon one of the card game’s quickest and most agile Pokemon. 

With this card, you can be both offensive and defensive, or a balance of both if you like. Moreover, it facilitates your other Pokemon in play to become a lightning type Pokemon along with their existing type with its ability “Electric Effect.”

Use this card and see how well it fits your deck format. 

3. Tapu Koko GX

Many players argue that Tapu Koko GX isn’t the strongest playing card in Pokemon TCG. While it may not have any resistance, unlike many other GX units, Tapu Koko doesn’t harbor any weaknesses either. It’s ability, known as “Sky-High Claws,” delivers a shock for 130 damage with no side effects. In comparison, ‘Tapu Thunder GX’ delivers 50 damage, multiplied by the amount of energy attached to all those Pokemon the player is opposing. 

2. Thundurus

A force to be reckoned with, Thundurus is a player-favorite and is used in many tournaments. With attacks like “Headlock” that require a flip of a coin, either option helps you win against your opponent. If you get heads, the attack will do 30 + 30 damage, and if you get tails, your opponent’s active Pokemon becomes paralyzed!

1. Mega Ampharos

With a whopping HP of 220, at number one, we have the Mega Amphorus. This lighting type Pokemon is equipped with an extremely powerful attack known as “Exavolt”. Though its speed isn’t up to par with a meager 45 stat due to its bulk, it is a great card to be played as a defense against an attacker.